Fat-Tribe Thursday –

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We haven’t published a Fat-Tribe Thursday post in a long time. It’s probably due to our posting many of the great shots that we get from all over the world on Instagram and Spacebook. This week we received some excellent photos from some really interesting places, so we’ve compiled them into a little trip around the old blue marble that you may know as earth!

Brigi Öcsi111

Brigi Öcsi sent us this shot taken at János hegyen. Magyarország Budapest Jánoshegy. Brigi is our first Hungarian Fat-Tribe contributor!

OldnUUA - Imgur

Никита Колесников sent us an entire album of photographs of his Mongoose fatty all over Mosow! I wonder if our stickers will make it all the way to Russia?


Anssi Alakurtti sent us this sunset shot of his Felt Fatty from Li, Finland.

Kathy Browning

Our final foto is from Kathy Browning with her golden-doodle, Daisy, in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.

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