Fat (vídeo) Terça-feira – Brasil!

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FatBike in Floripa, Brazil: Sand’n’Fatty

by Jonatha Jünge – jonatha@caminhosdosertao.com.br

A Fat-Bike Playground in Brasil (click to enlarge)
A Fat-Bike Playground in Brasil (click to enlarge)

Six months ago, after a meeting on trails maintenance with local bikers, Normando Pereira took the floor to address the group. I am not sure if the high consumption of the local Ales made by the bike shop owner influenced the emotional tone of his statement, but the fact is that from then on I was determined to have a Fat-bike.

Normando is a known figure in the Brazilian MTB scene, a former national DH champion, he decided to get one of these new exotic bikes with 4.8” tires in July 2014. Not coincidentally, he lives in Florianópolis (Floripa for short).

Floripa is an island with 42 beaches, a Surf paradise in southern Brazil. Among the many preservation areas there are no less than 7 dune fields. The main one is the Joaquina’s Dunes City Park*, in the back of Norman’s house, with the famous Waimea – a dune of 60 meters high, dubbed by local sandboarders. The quality of the dunes, the humid climate of the rainforest and especially the incredible scenery of the island make Floripa a potential fat-bikes top destination.


Today we are 12 fat-bikers, all influenced by Normando’s description of the exciting unique feel to drop and explore the remote and deserted dunes in Floripa. All it took was a quick last minute call to friend and videomaker Daniel RootRider and now we can share a bit of this new MTB experience. Enjoy!

To help organize the growing Fatty scene in the country, we have just created the FatBikeBrasil.com. We are still rare here, but there is other very unique places to ride in Brazil, and we believe this is the right bike to explore some never-before-ridden lands. Feel free do drop a line, and come to ride with us!

The Sand’n’Fatty video was produced by RootRider TV  and Caminhos do Sertão Bicycle Tours and aerial drone images of Nataniel Giacomozzi.

 The riders in the video are: Normando Pereira, Jonatha Jünge, Alexandre Schulter, Rafael Waltrick, Beto Fonseca, Anderson Dias and Nataniel Giacomozzi.

A special thanks to Douglas Speck from BikeSpeck, friend and FatBike pioneer in Brazil.

*It is important to mention that since it is a new activity, the use of FatBikes within this park has not yet been regulated. The local group of mountain bikers are already in contact with local authorities to try to define the rules and allow the responsible use of the parks for the big wheels.

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