Interbike 2015 – The Good, The Fat & the ?

It’s Day 3 – Part Two of the Interbike rodeo championships at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. We walked six miles yesterday and we’re looking to set a new strava, personal best, today at the ole trade show. (Can you strava a trade show floor?)

Much of what we saw in the fat and plus bike worlds, in Vegas, are being shown to dealers for the 2016 season. Many are not representative of the final production units or spec. Pricing, if given, may change by the time these bikes hit the market. This is a preview of what might be available at finer bicycle retailers or maybe never even make it to the US market.

We’ve already received commitments, from many manufacturers, to test their products as soon as they become available. So, if you don’t get all the info right here, please remain calm – relaxed and poised to receive further information! We’ll share everything that we learn, when production bikes arrive at the FBC Test Bunker and Proving Grounds.


Jamis introduced their brand new, Roughneck , Hydro-formed, Aluminum Fat-Bike. The Roughneck is Bluto compatible, tubeless ready and rocks a pretty solid spec. The fork legs on the Roughneck are hydro-formed out of one piece of aluminum, eliminating two welds found on most forks.


Devinci Bikes unveiled their Minus RS Fat-Bike at interbike. The Minus RS features an aluminum frame and fork with Avid BB5’s and a blend of Shimano drive train components. Internal cable routing adds to the nice clean looking lines of the Minus.


We managed to capture three very fast folks from Anchorage. Will Ross, Amber Elise Stull and James Stull! Some of our amigos from 9:Zero:7 with their new Team Edition Whiteout (19 lbs.)


Miércoles de Surly at the QBP Booth


Surly has a new waxed cotton riding jacket that looks really nice.


A Fat Recumbent Trike – #bentlife


The Borealis / Reynolds Elite Carbon Wheels might get my vote for best new fat-bike product at the show this year. Wheels were big news at interbike this year. Lots of new players bringing fat-bike wheels into play this year!

hearts or diamonds

Diamonds or Hearts? – These were from an overseas booth. I wouldn’t expect to find these anywhere west of Taiwan.

dt swiss

DT Swiss showed both Fat and Plus Bike Rims. We heard some great feedback on the BR710 fat rims.


Industry Nine and HED Carbon Rims may well be the gold standard in fat-bike wheels.


Foes had a Mutz in their booth, rock’n Whikey Carbon rims with VanHelga’s


QBP launched another fat-bike house brand named Heller. It’s Red.


Charge/Cooker has a fat-bike for the whole family! They told us that the 20″‘s MSRP is only $299 and the 24″ is a mere $349. One of these would look pretty sweet under the tree for some lucky kid this x-mas!


Thule had a Pugsley Ops in their booth set up with straps to carry skis to the slopes.


This makes me wish that I was a little kid again – or had a little kid again, so I could haul them into the woods to make a snow fort and some hot chocolate!


Dirty is modeling the Kenda Juggernaut in fat and fatter. We heard that the Juggernauts were back, but the folks from Kenda won’t talk to us any more because we blew up the first run of these tires in very short order. Maybe these will be better?


Maxxis has a front and rear specific tire out that I’ve been testing for awhile. We may not see these for sale until Spring. More information is forthcoming from our ongoing test rides!

wtb trailboss

WTB had a new B+ Boss 3.0 in their booth. For the main thrust of our plusbike coverage be sure to visit

duro tire

Duro Tire had a couple of fat tires in their line up, but they told us that they weren’t really interested in selling fat-bike tires. They may only show up as OEM tires on low end or off-brand fat-bikes. It’s really too bad, because the Fleetwood looks like it could have some potential as a beach tire.

Innova Tires

Innova had a plus bike, fat-bike and 20″ fat-bike tires at the show. These too are probably not going to be available except as OEM tires, but time will tell if some of these products find a US distributor that will offer them for sale in the US.

More Internet coverage , along with, video interviews will be coming up here at fat dash bike dot com. Check back soon to hear more about our trip out to Vegas!

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  1. Thanks for the look at the new tires and stuff. Those Duro Big D fat tires look exactly like my Halo Nanuks! Perhaps from the same manufacturer?
    I use ’em here on the Washington coast of the USA in the Winter for beach and dune riding, as well as on some slightly muddy lowland trails.

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