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Our Apparel Editor, Natalia (Gigante) Mendez, set me up with three pair of snazzy new socks from Handlebar Mustache and I’m here to provide you a complete report on this dynamic new player in the cycling hosiery game. I don’t know about you, but I like my socks to make a bold statement to contrast the eternal blackness of most of my clothing and this new trio of socks from Handlebar Mustache certainly fit the bill!

new socks

The first chance I got, I pulled on the “You’re my boy, Blue!” set of socks and they felt nice against my skin. These are the new taller cycling sock height and the XL fit ‘just right’ on my size 13’s. So I blasted out to my local twisties to ride my usual set of loops. One of the trails out at Silver Lake has been getting pretty overgrown, but I took it any way. The beginning of the trail looked like the county had come in and cut all of the brush back, but a hundred feet down the trail it was thick, waist high brambles. The new socks got baptized with a nice assortment of burrs and thistle seeds from natures velcro department. I thought to myself – “This is why we can’t have anything nice.” My usual hour ride created about 20 minutes of de-burring my gloves, shirt, shorts and socks. However….Blue would live to ride again!

new socks.jpg2

This pair of Handlebar Mustache Socks is called “don’t be a square”. The color harmonizes with both nature and my new 5-10 Freestyle ride zapatos. These socks were great for riding both fat and plus bikes (wink). That’s my Krampus, Silver in the background. The 5-ten shoes are pretty nice too! Super grippy on the platform pins.

I like these socks. They make my feet feel special. All three pair survived a cycle through the laundry without going rogue or having unexplained trips to other sock dimensions. We like sharing product from emerging small companies at fat-bike dot come, because we’re a small business too. Support the little guys! Especially if they make snazzy socks with names like “Belgian – TFU!”

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