Tread Threads First Look: The Canari has landed!


I’m pretty excited for us to be testing gear for a brand whose motto is “Go Ride, Have Fun, Look Good,” which is a goal I can accomplish the first 67% of no problem. Seeing what arrived just out of the box, I think they’ll definitely be able to help with the other 33%, you know, that lookin’ good part. I also can’t hate a brand who names their products after Game of Thrones characters (You know nothing Jon Snow but I still have a crush on you anyway.)


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I love me a good pair o’ short pants and I don’t think the Lombard Knicker will disappoint. Buddy Ted is going to take these for a test ride to see how they handle. He commutes to work daily about 9 miles each way, enjoys mountain biking, and teaching kids archery. I’m excited to see how these hold up on and off the bike, and whether or not his goals of training a child-army will finally become a reality.

At first glance we noticed and appreciated the traffic-facing-cheek reflective stripe. Sorry Europe, this one ain’t for you.

Theon Jersey

The Theon Jersey is a lighter weight, long sleeved jersey that I expect will perform well once the temperature drops later this week here in Minneapolis and carry over nicely into fall.


You may have heard from your weird friends with the skinnier tires that ‘cross is coming and that means limb warmers. Not to fret fellow Fat-Bikers, Giant Mendez is testing these on the cx courses to see if they are worthy of the snow.

I’m pumped to try these wind front knee warmers and soft arm warmers for the in-between weather and see if they will live up to my expectations for layering.

To ogle Canari’s products while we test these babies out, visit their website!

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