Wallpaper Wednesday – Striped Socks Titaniium Switchback

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My long time friend and singlespeed outlaw, RickyD, has a long and bright history within the world of mountain bikes. Ricky took a Summer trip out west and his amigo Tejen Shrestha shot this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday at Buffalo Creek, Pine, Colorado. This is a rare photo of Ricky D , since both of his tires are firmly planted on the surface of his native planet.

How about a Fall Color Fat Foto for Stickers Trade?

I just opened the last packet of Thparkle stickers and I just came back from interbike with a ton of cool stickers, so If you have a gorgeous shot of your fatty, frolicing among the autumnal splendor, now is the time to send your uncle gomez@fat-bike.com some pixels along with your address and next thing you know…..old Jed’s a millionaire! That’s just my way of saying that I’ll send you some cool stickers…a few from us and a couple from interbike. This offer is good till the stickers are gone. Then we’ll make some different (but equally as cool) stickers and taunt you with those, somewhere down the snow packed trail.

thparkle mock up

This might be your last chance to get this sticker!


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