Global Fat-Bike Day – Toys 4 Tots – CONTEST!


Shawne Camp came up with a pretty great idea last year, to host a Toys for Tots, holiday gift drive and we somehow came up with the idea of suggesting that ride organizers incorporate a toy drive into their Global Fat-Bike Day  celebrations. Shawne contacted me recently and here’s what he had to say.

Uncle G,
Hope you had a great summer! Last winter I wrote you about a donation event we did here in upstate NY called #singletrackgiveback. You posted an awesome article on the event and mentioned maybe we could tie this into Global Fat Bike Day. On 12/5/15 my buddy and I who own Spa City Bicycle Works have the Salsa demo van arriving here at the shop and coincidently this just happens to be GFBD so we are once again putting out a #singletrackgiveback call to action collecting toys for kids just in time for the holiday. I was hoping maybe with your support you could help get others onboard as well and we can do some real good.

Cheers my friend,
Shawne C

We asked how we could help and Shawne replied.

I was hoping maybe you could put something on your site that would encourage others to do something similar in their area on GFBD. It would be cool if people then submitted photos of their event to the site with all the toys they collect. Just a thought.

Thanks for the response,

So we had Shawne call into our Weekly Dose of Fat (#77) to talk about the idea and I got busy contacting some sponsors so we could provide a little incentive for folks out there to organize and report back about all of the toys that get donated at Global fat-Bike Day Celebrations around the world!

The Contest

special ops ICt

First Place – The ride organizer that collects the largest number of toys, wins a Surly Moonlander Farmer Ops complete bike*!


Second Place wins a 1 Up USA, two bike hitch rack


 Third Place is going to get a a set of tires of your choice from Bontrager. Bontrager has lots of new tires out this season!

Hodag: Named after a mythical creature said to haunt the north woods of Wisconsin, the Hodag has grown to include a 27.5 offering. If you are looking for a fat tire ready to tackle any trail, summer or winter, set your sights on the Hodag. 26 x 3.8 and 27.5 x 3.8

The Barbegazi: A huge tread designed to confidently carry you anywhere. The bearded Barbegazi is said to thrive in the high Alps, easily floating across the snowy alpine on its giant feet. The tread on the Barbegazi measures out to a massive 4.7 inches and is designed to keep you moving through deep soft snow and the most rugged terrain. 26 x 4.7

The Gnarwhal: A biting fat tire ready to take winter traction to the next level. Available in a studded version to confidently corner even through ice and a stud-ready version that lets you decide how much traction you need. 26 x 3.8 stud-ready and  26 x 3.8 studded

The Rougarou: A fast rolling ultra-light race tire. Named after a shape shifting nocturnal creature capable of catching any prey, the Rougarou weighs in under 1100 grams and is the clear choice for a fast rolling, groomed course racer. Once the snow has melted, the Raugarou makes for a fast and fun summer of fat biking. 26 x 3.8

How Do I Enter?

To enter you need to host a GFBD ride that includes a Toy Drive. At the event take a group picture of the riders along with all of the toys that were donated. You’ll need to count how many toys that you collect on the honor system. Then email that picture, the toy count and your contact information to your uncle . Entries must be received by December 10th. The winners will be announced on The Weekly Dose of Fat Radio Show on Friday December 18th!

*size medium


Toy Drive Info

* Toys for Tots is in over 700 communities in 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Organizers can go to or click on the link which will direct them on how or where to donate to the program.

* Toys for Tots and many other charitable organizations ask for the toys to be “new and unwrapped”. This way they can better determine age and gender of the child receiving that toy.

* For places outside of the U.S. we urge the organizers to partner with their local charitable organization or children’s hospital to find out how they can help.


We’d like to close by saying that this is only a suggestion that we’re sharing with the world-wide fat bike tribe. We think it’s a cool idea, but it’s not compulsulary or anything. Everyone should celebrate GFBD however they want! We just thought this was too good of an idea to not share!


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  1. Well, this is awesome! Shawne put on a great event last year, and I look forward to another great event this year! Thanks for putting the word out, and offering some awesome incentives to push this forward and helping more kids have a great (or at least better) Christmas!

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