Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #77 – Special Guest Ben Popp from the 45NRTH Fat Bike Birkie, Presented by Freewheel


Pat & Gabrielle on their way to a 1st place at the Pedal the Prairie.

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number #77 – Friday, October 23rd, 2015 – Special Guest Ben Popp from the Fat-bike Birkie and Shawne Camp talks about doing a Toys for Tots Drive for Global Fat-bike Day.

Welcome to the Weekly Dose of Fat with your hosts Sven and Gomez along with JK Livin’ in the studio.

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On this week’s show

  • We talk about the 45NRTH Fat Bike Birkie, Presented by Freewheel with executive director Ben Popp!
  • We take calls from our listeners about this week’s question
  • We share Fat and Plus Bike news in the Fatty Farm Field Report

Beards are making a comeback at Fat-bike Radio

Marty McFly Day

A bit of beverage talk

SPECIAL GUEST – Ben Popp – The executive director of the American Birkebeiner and the 45NRTH Fat Bike Birkie, Presented by Freewheel

45NRTH Fat Bike Birkie, Presented by Freewheel Web Site –

Next week’s call-in question is…Samsquantch! What would you do if you met one face to face? Call in next week Wednesday from 8-9 CDST to 818-918-2453 and let’s discuss live!

Fatty Farm Field Report

This week’s Fatty Farm Field Report is sponsored by Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip check them out at

Market research firm NPD says fat-bike tire sales are up 600% since 2013!

Ritchey Commando – Six thumbs Up! A total ripper!

Global Fat-bike Day – Toy’s for Tots Contest Sponsored by and…

  • 1 Up USA
  • Bontrager

We’re going to award the prizes to the people who organize the Global Fat-bike Day Rides that donate the largest number of toys to Toy’s For Tots –

Stories next week on

  • Washington Coast Story
  • Advocate Cycle Watchman Review
  • Surface 604 First Look

Fat-bike Links

Boo Bicycles – the Zen of Boo

Snow Crown Wisconsin Fat-Bike Race Series

Winter Park CO is looking for your fat-bike destination dollars with several places to rent fat-bikes and trails for your riding pleasure.

Washington wants you to visit as well! One location is Methow Trails outside Winthrop, WA.

Ben Witt and friends on a Sub24 Moab Adventure

JoBoo contemplates a new fat-bike

Anchorage looking ahead to winter cycling

Off the Beaten Path Trailer

Plus Bike Links

Updates on 3 different 29+ setups from CoastKid

Custom 27+ bike called the Demi Porkeur. Has hints of old GT frames in the design!

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Join us next week when the question of the week is…Samsquantch! What would you do if you met one face to face?

Can call in and pimp your local fat-bike race – 818-918-2453 any time, day or night, and leave us a message

Don’t forget that it’s the time of year to post your rides races gatherings demos, etc. on our event calendar –


Be sure to Tune in Tomorrow to Listen to a new episode of Fat Camp with Ken and Andy chewing the fat with a gaggle of Trek Engineers about Bikes and Science.

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