Fat-bike TV – Shows 1 and 2 are Live!

You love them on Fat-bike Radio, now hosts Sven and Gomez are assaulting your eyeballs on Fat-bike TV!

In Episode 1 the dynamic duo takes a look at the Heller Bloodhound, a new carbon fatbike from the folks up there at QBP. Using an open-mold carbon frame allows Heller to keep the cost of owning a carbon bike down. Join Sven and Gomez as they introduce you to the Bloodhound.

In Episode 2 Sven and Gomez are back with a look at the Sarma Vortex 1.0, an aluminum fat-bike that starts at $1690.00. Our test rig has a couple of upgrades and we will go through those and more in Show 2.

Look for Fat-bike TV Episode 3 coming soon with a look at the RSD Mayor and we will have Spinner in the studio soon to have a look at the Surly Ice Cream Truck Ops.

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Greg Smith, known to many site visitors as Sven Hammer, founded Fat-bike.com in 2011 and the site quickly became the #1 online community for all things Fat. You can currently find Greg outfitting Everyday Cycles; a Milwaukee, WI retailer of gear for fatbikers, adventure cyclists and urban assault riders.


  1. Hey guys, nice to see your ugly mugs. Constructive criticism begins now: You guys seem horribly out of character, you’re obviously not having fun with this, and it shows. Please don’t stand there and rifle off the specs, we can look em up online and it just makes it look like a shitty advertising pitch. Ride that fucking thing and tell us how that goes, and tell us how the geometry and specs affected your personal ride quality and experience, where it held up, where it didnt, etc.
    Great podcast, I’m a brand spanking new fan!

    • When we’re ready to publish the review….maybe later today….maybe later this week or next week. We’re working on it now.

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