Product Preview – KUROSHIRO WHEELS by Andrea Cohen

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As we all know the fat bike market is exploding. We also all know that the wheel really makes a fat bike what it is. The introduction of new wheel options are essential for fat bikes to grow and change. The Kuroshiro enso 685 is a fat carbon rim option offered by Raceware. Raceware is an Italian company that has been making high end bicycle components since 1991. Raceware is working closely with Alechemist Engineering to produce some of the most advanced carbon hoops we have seen for fat-bikes.


I will be testing the enso 685 laced to Industry 9 Torch Fat-Bike hubs with super butted Sapim laser spokes and DT pro lock brass nipples. Built by Fattie Lumpkin of Advocate Cycles I expect the highest quality build possible. American Classic tubeless valves will complete the build on these puppies. The complete weight of the built wheels without rotors or cassette is 951 grams for the rear and 844 grams for the front.


These simple looking rims are packed full of technology. The rim is 85mm wide, this ensures that the rim will allow for a number of tire width combinations on plenty of different bikes. The rim also utilizes a SP line design. This is a new way of laying up the carbon to create a very stiff wheel while maintaining a light weight. Kuroshiro saves even more weight in a couple of ways.


The rim is a single walled design, but still utilizes a bead lock for a uncompromised ride in all conditions. The engineers at Alchemist eliminated the need of reinforcement washers for the nipples because they have created such a strong spoke interface. This also allows for a tubeless set-up that does not need tape. No tape at all! Just sealant. Gone are they days of gorilla tape and countless leaks around spoke holes.

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I will be crushing with these wheels on my Salsa Cycles Carbon Beargrease. This season I will tackle Tuscobia 150, Triple D, and the Arrowhead 135. Nearly every type of riding will be happening and I am super stoked to see how these bad boys handle rides from the long endurance days to the icy, creek stomping throughout the weekend! Look for my complete review some time mid winter, but I think they’re going to have to pry these out of my cold, dead hands once the winter season is over.

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  1. Great write up on the Enso 685. I have the white 2015 beargrease carbon1. How do I acquire this wheel-set?

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