Product Spotlight – Wolftooth Singletrack Pogies

You may remember Brendan Moore from our coverage of the Fat Bike Birkie over the last few years. Brendan is one of the fastest racers in the Men’s elite fat-bike rodeo circuit! Brendan showed Sven and I these new Singletrack Pogies after Interbike and then shared this nice little video (above) that introduces the features of this new pogie.


We have a set to test and as soon as the temps dip below freezing, we’ll mount them up and give them a try. These may make some true arctic explorers want to scoff and utter temperatures that start with the word ‘minus’ and I have to agree, that these particular pogies will not be the hot set-up for above the arctic circle, however, I believe they will provide a great deal of functionality for the vast majority, of the kind of conditions, that I ride in Wisconsin.

I also think that riders, that are not necessarily comfortable, with using pogies, will find these easier to negotiate, with the cuff folded down. There is no doubt, that pogies are one of the things that make winter riding a lot more comfortable and allow riders to wear thinner gloves that provide more dexterity and tactile sensitivity while shifting and applying the brakes. All that, plus they’re a nice place to keep snacks!

The Wolftooth Pogies use a really clever mounting system, that is built into the bar plug. This is important for the kind of winters that we’ve been having, where the temperatures bounce all over the map and require quick and easy pogie mounting and removal. Some of the pogies that I’ve tested over the years have required tools for mounting and removal (45NRTH Cobrafists) and that’s a real pain in the butt. EZ on and of is the way to go!

The material that Wolftooth chose is wind and waterproof, but lacks any fleece or neoprene insulation like other pogies, that we’ve run, so we’ll have to test these guys out in whatever winter has to throw at us and report back to you on how they perform at various temps with different types of gloves. Look for our full review somewhere down the trail!

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