The Surly Secret Word Contest Week #3 – The Fat-Bike 7 Dwarves

Welcome to WEEK Three of the


Secret Word Contest!

Every week till Global Fat-Bike Day, we’ll be giving away a prize package from Surly Bikes during the taping of the Weekly Dose of Fat Show on Fat-Bike Radio. All you have to do is be the first caller that can name the fat-bike seven dwarves that we announced on last week’s show. The secret word from three weeks ago was “Moonlander Man-Chub”, but that was just a test-run (or maybe a secret clue to be utilized at a later date).

What can I win?


This week’s ‘Couples”prize package includes –  his & hers Surly Merino Wool Hats, A Surly Pugsley Cotton T-shirt (Men’s Medium), A Surly Krampus Cotton T-shirt (Women’s XL),  2 Surly carpenter’s pencils, 2 decks of Surly (collector’s edition) Playing Cards and one pair of Surly Wool Socks (that you can share or fight over). We’ll also throw in some stickers and a little bit of snow – ala choy!

How can I win?

Call into the show (after 8:30 PM CST) and be the first caller That can name the Fat-Bike Seven Dwarves that we announced last week on show #81 – Listen Here

When do I call? (NEW TIME!)

Wednesday Evenings – Between 8:30 – 9:00 PM – Central Standard Time

What Number do I call?

Call – 818-918-BIKE (2453)

What if I’m not the first caller?

We’ll send you out some of our newest stickers! These new stickers are the perfect size to make a cape for your hampster or stick on the headtube of your huffy. If you’re just not into stickers, you could ask Sven or Gomez a question about Fat-Bikes or you can chime in on the Question of the Week. This week’s question is “What do you want Samsquantch to bring you for Easter”

Yeti Stix

After Global Fat-Bike Day, We’ll award the winners of our GFBD Toys for Tots Contest and then we’ll start giving away 40 Below Beerpacking Bags from Becker Sewing and Design!

Fat-Bike Radio – Call into Win every Wednesday Evening Between 8-9 PM CST at 818-918-2453!

Fat-Bike dot Commies, Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots and Fat-Bike Radio Fatbassadors are not eligable to win the Surly Secret Word Contests, but we have some lovely gifts coming your way, VERY soon. In fact the shirts are in the mail….and stuff.


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