Tread Threads: Canari in the Moonlight, a review

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A while back I assigned Buddy Ted the task of riding his bike withe some Canari gear. I’m glad to say he’s getting a gold star for putting his butt on the line (heh) and getting us a great review. Here’s what he had to say:

“Canari Lombard Knickers:
Some call them knickers, man-Pri’s, shants, or my personal take; Ca-bros, but call them whatever you want, they’re still my favorite do everything article of clothing.
Now, they say you never really know a knicker until you bike a few hundred miles in their, uhh, knickers, so I did just that with the Canari Lombard Knickers.
First thing you’ll notice when you slide on a pair of these (unless you’re one of those chicken leg bench-press-and curls-only bros) is that they are much more form fitting than other pairs you have probably owned. If you’re used to all day riding in chamois shorts you might not notice this as much as I did. At first this almost seemed like they were too small, but a larger size would have been too loose around the waist and would not have added much more leg room. However, I noticed that the slimmer fit did way less parachuting while on the bike than my other knickers and garnered much more complimentary head turning from my wife and while walking around town in them. The front pockets are relatively worthless given the fit and I even had trouble getting my hands in them. The rear pockets on the other hand are in good placement for a thin wallet and reflective piping on the rear pocket is subtle, yet very visible at night. They dry really quick, and even after a few rides in the summer without washing did not hold any stink so might be a good consideration for a weekend tour. Finally after all the time I spent in these on wet commutes, the mountain bike trail and fighting with my cat at home, they aren’t showing any wear and tear.

Canari Theon Jersey:
Previous to my donning the Theon Jersey I essentially had only ever biked in two types of cycling tops: short sleeve cycling jerseys and cold weather jackets. This jersey fits right in the middle perfectly. I am 6′ 180 lbs. and the large size was exactly how I’d hoped it would be: not too loose, but not a skin suit either. Arm movement is not restricted and the full zip is a nice feature you don’t see too often. It even pairs up nicely should you want to wear a t-shirt or base layer underneath, but it’s comfortable enough against the skin as well. Rear pockets aren’t overly baggy and they comfortably seat your phone and other essentials on your back when riding. Graphics are minimal, though I would have preferred the logo be made of reflective material given that the black jersey is otherwise quite dark and a long sleeve jersey suggests to me that both the temps and the amount of sunlight are decreasing. Bottom line, the Theon jersey looks much less “lance-wanna-be” on and off the bike than most short sleeve jerseys while still maintaining a sleek fit and helps you extend your riding season into the fall comfy and dry.”
I managed to snap some pics of him from my Pugsley in his gear while we rolled around the Mississippi River Bottoms where we made a fire and roasted some weenies.
Yep….a non fat, half-calf, bi-psych-el-chino on the pages of


Canari was also kind enough to send me some arm warmers and windproof knee warmers.
I used the knee warmers while I warmed up for a cyclocross race and I loved the windproof panels on the front. They seemed like they were staying up but after a lap they fell because of my scrawny quads. I would highly recommend these if they fit snugly on your legs. The arm warmers were almost too warm for the balmy day I tried to use them but they stayed up nicely.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for our first look at Bontrager’s New Old Man Mountain Winter Cycling Boots!
For more information about Canari visit  –
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