Foto Gordo – Johnny Cash and Kazee

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fatback fotopost


BBR patch on Black bgChris Dauel sent us a great shot from Utah. I think that frame bag would look good with a Bike Black Ribbon Society patch sewn on there, so we’re sending Chris a little care package along with some scooby-snacks for Kazee. Here’s what Chris had to say about his amigos, Kazee and …one of Otis’s Fatback cousins, Johnny Cash.

Here is  a couple of tantalizing pics for your veiwin’ pleasure. Got some measureable snow in Northern Utah on the Wasatch Front the last few days, and Now it is up to me and my two amigos in the picture to go out and break trail. The dog (Kazee) doesn’t really help that much, but does keep me company. Me and Johnny Cash do most of the men’s work. Keep up spreading the good word, and thanks to you and Sven for the website!


It’s probably about time to rev up the old, snow, dance-moves, out on the trail-dance floor! If you have a shot of your local trail that you think would provide some fat-bike stoke, please email it along with a little bit about your locality and regional fat-biking customs or legends. Don’t even get me started on Wisconsin’s northwoods lore or gnome husbandry. We don’t have that kind of time, because there are bikes to be ridden and massive quantities, to be consumed. Email those photos of fat-bikes (and gnomes) to uncle and Hippy Holla-Daze!


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