Tread Threads Club Ride Review

A while back our friends at Club Ride  sent us some gear to check out and here’s what we learned since our first look!


I spent a lot of the end of my summer in the Joy Ride Knickers they sent me, and were actually my go-to shortpant after ‘cross races. Paired with tall socks they were awesome for cooler fall rides, and lately I’ve been layering them with a thinner wool tight AND they’ve been perfect for my early morning ride into work when it’s around 30 degrees.

They’ve got just the right amount of stretch and they’re not overly baggy either which had been my gripe with other knickers in the past. These are actually flattering and cut for women bodies that ride, AND have a lot of great and functional pockets (this may not seem like a big deal to the dudes but ask your lady friends, function pockets are a BFD.)


Initially I wasn’t too hot on the “scalloping” on the calf but quickly got over it and actually kind of liked it. It was a kinda nice feminine detail but not obnoxious and covered in flowers. These make the butt look good, especially when it’s covered in mud.


Although this year has lacked a ton of colder days, I did get to use the Two Timer jacket enough to be good friends. The inner fleece was soft against the skin if I was wearing it next to a t-shirt. As a notorious sleeve-shover due to my apparently warm arms, I appreciated that only the core was insulated. This jacket is also extremely versatile, in that it’s a technical jacket but doesn’t look so techy that I would feel weird wearing it to the grocery store, bar, coffee shop, or work (I totally did.) This beauty also features some pretty primo pocket real estate…


I love love loved the giant internal pockets on both sides, I can fit my whole hand in there! I can fit a beer on each side in there! I can fit all kinds of food and extra gloves in there!!!!


You’ve also got your standard hand pocket outside, and a roomy back jersey-style pocket that could easily hold my wind jacket and an extra pair of gloves, and of course more snacks.

The only “issue” I had was a personal one, that it wasn’t as snug as I’d usually like it to be in the torso but this is actually proving to be ok because I can fit a layer under it easily and if it were too tight the insulation wouldn’t work. So, I’m kind of “over” my “issue.” The positives definitely outweigh the negative on this one.

Fireside Joy Rides and Henlyette

They Henlyette has been a great layering piece. It’s very light, very wicking, and looks nice when you’re standing next to a fire. It’s another one of these pieces that I could trick you into thinking it wasn’t a technical shirt because it just looks like a henley!

Unfortunately this was the only piece that I ran into “problems” with.

  1. It’s synthetic. I know that. I can’t hold it against them because I know it, but due to its fibers it tends to hold odors. You know the kind. No wearing this one two days in a row if you’re really sweating in it!
  2. The fit and cut are magnificent but the buttons leave something to be desired. The second time I wore this after washing (cold, inside out, hang dry obviously) I popped open the top for some extra ventilation and the button back popped right off!!


I think they picked plastic snaps because they aren’t going to get freezing cold like traditional henley snaps do. I reached out to them to make mention of it and they were swift to respond and will be discussing this in Club Ride land. I suggested regular old buttons as they won’t conduct cold, look nice, and will actually work, not to mention if I lose one I can sew it back on. With this I’m just going to keep all of them buttoned, hope I don’t lose any more, and hope no one sees that I’m missing buttons!!!

Henlyette in action, sleeve pusher strikes again!
Henlyette and Transit Pant are also good for awkward tree climbing

Last but not least we have the Transit pant! These also fit nicely right away but were a bit roomier than I expected in the crotch. I like that they definitely didn’t look like tech pants but the “skritch skritch” sound of nylon sound when you move in them gives it away. I guess I thought they were going to be more of a denim based on the picture but they’re not so if you’re checking them out know that they are very light. HOWEVER due to the fact that they are the skritchy fabric they are water resistant, they dry really fast and are way more stretchy than denim. They also have some reflective piping for when you roll your pants up, although due to the fact that the fabric is so light and the piping is stiff, it looked kinda funny when they were rolled.


Doesn’t hurt that they look pretty good on the backside when you’re pushing up a hill…

So these were great in fall and like the Joy Rides they make a great commuting pant in addition to dirt riding pant and they are stretchy enough to fit wool tights and thermal tights under them. I like that they are also very packable and will likely become a go-to for longer adventures because they roll up pretty small.

Overall, my verdict on Club Ride is that they make some pretty nice and versatile stuff. It’s functional and you can wear it to a casual joint without tipping off the fact that it’s nerdy bike clothing. Bonus points because they have a lot of great options for both men and women.

I give Club Ride a 3.75 out of 5 delicious bacons. Would have gone a full 4 bacon but for the buttons! Give these folks a try and until next time stay hungry for the next adventure!


*Riding photos by Sweet Beef Swenson 

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  1. Thanks to this review, Christmas gifts for the Better Half are ordered!

    And while I’m of the male persuasion, I’m still digging the reviews, Natalia. It’s good to see real, honest reviews by people who are actually using stuff, as opposed to what usually passes for a “review” in most bike media these days. Keep it up!

  2. I’m so glad I found this! I have been trying to decide if i want the transit pant or not, but couldn’t find a review on the fabric to see if they were mixed with denim (which i would probably not buy) or not. I really like the way Club Ride looks, and my husband wears them, but I just didn’t know enough to take the plunge myself. Great review!

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