Tread Threads First Look: Hillsound Gaiters by Siri

Letter from the editor: I’m pleased to introduce our guest contribu-tester Siri! This amazing woman got her first fat bike this year and was instantly hooked. We spent some time this summer ridding fatties on the trails and drinking beers by the fire with friends. She was also New Belgium’s Tour de Fat car trader winner and traded her car in for a new bike this summer so I know this badass will do us justice and really test these items out! 

Siri and her Gravity


I want to talk about the Hillsound Armadillo LT Gaiters.  At first look, they seem like simple black gaiters that can get the job done like any other but upon closer inspection, I found that there was some thought and intention put into the design of these gaiters.

Like most gaitors, it has a instep strap or stirrup to hold the gaiter down around your boot along with a zipper closure that runs the full length of the front for easy access.  But here is where Hillsound has designed for durability and functionality: the nylon strap you find on most gaiters that tends to fray and wear through over time isn’t present, Hillsound has used an adjustable poly-coated nylon that seems much more durable and is designed to be replaceable when/if it wears out.  Also, Hillsound has chosen to go with a waterproof zipper that so far hasn’t been catching with use.


The Armadillo LT Gaiter has a stretch waterproof & breathable membrane for the upper shell that hugs your calf nicely for a secure and comfortable fit.  The lower shell is a more durable nylon that I’m hoping will stand up to more wear and tear when taken on the trails.  I like the Velcro closure around the foot and the adjustable clip around the upper calf lets you get a snug fit that won’t slip without the need for a grippy strip.


When I first tried them on , I was impressed that they were almost a perfect fit right out of the box.  It just goes to show that Hillsound was designing for form and function.  I’m excited to take these out in the rain and snow clipped and zipped over my Vasque waterproof hiking/snow boots.  I think the stretch & breathable membrane will make these comfortable to wear year round.


While we wait for a full review check out tech specs on Hillsound’s website. 

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  1. Very good looking product. I have been wearing gaitors for many years for all types of winter activities. These are great for fatbiking because they really add to your warmth, and can be stowed in a backpack or frame bag when not in use. I really like the feature on these Hillsound gaitors, zipper starting at the top! This will make it much easier to put them on, especially when you are already bundled up with multiple layers, or wearing a puffy winter coat. Great idea!

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