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When I ran into Kitsbow‘s nomadic Sales Manager Adam in their souped up Sprinter van at a local race, I knew these folks were the real deal. The guy made some time to kick back, have a beer, and heckle with the regulars on the hill and we got to chatting about the brand’s philosophies and the products they make.

I’ve got to say I’m a sucker for well-made merino, and I gushed to this guy about how I’d seen the brand but hadn’t tried it out… now is the time my friends.

Kitsbow aligns themselves solidly as a mountain bike brand that is all about doing things the right way. They’re about looking good, performing even better, and after reading about their sustainability practices makes my heart all a-flutter. Read more here, they get really nerdy about their fabrics too which I can appreciate.


Photo by Amici, they’re pros…

You can tell the minute you receive the box how well thought out everything is, even down to the packaging and this sets my expectations high for what lies inside.


First up we have the Women’s A/M Jersey (don’t worry fellas, you get a long sleeve version here) and right out of the box it oozes both luxury and simplicity with subtle details and some of the softest merino wool my paws have ever had the pleasure of fondling. Glad it was black, it goes with everything and matches my heart.

The weight isn’t that of a winter jersey but it’s not so light that I’d put it into base layer category either. I imagine if you’re a west coaster you’re gonna love this year round. As for me I’ll layer for now and I look forward the the first 30 degree day after a harsh Minnesota winter… those days feel like spring and I’ve been known to push up my sleeves soon after the first thaw…


Nice little front-to-side pocket stasher, has a key clip in there.


The devil’s in the details and this jersey is full of them, and looks and feels really well made.


Back view, jersey features two rear pockets, nice paneling, and a low-key logo that is reflective.


Rear pocket detail, interested to see what I can fit in here. Being an XS sometimes means you don’t have as much cargo space but I have a frame bag for that. Should be good snack holders…


In the magic box there was also a pair of their Varsity socks, a mid-weight wool blend, with some cozy cushioning and a L & R to make sure you’re putting them on the correct foot, dummy! Still appreciating the subtle branding.


These will be perfect for the impending cold that undoubtedly accompanies the snow we just received.

If you can’t wait for our expert review or want to stuff your own stocking (or I guess someone you love) they have a guarantee program that lets you try it and return it if you don’t like it. Pretty bold for a smaller brand but I think they know what they’re doing.

Peep the goods on their website, and we’ll have a wheely good review for you folks in a few weeks.

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  1. Doug Dye December 3, 2015 at 10:34 pm #

    Nice review, Natalie! I’m glad to see you are still involved in the bike biz.

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