Motivational Monday! – Mario’s Fatboy in Germany


Happy New Year, Folks! We are getting back in the swing of things here at after the Holiday break and I found this beautiful shot from Mario who was out on a ride in Germany. A lot of us this time of year are looking for snow to “make” our fat-biking experience but Mario’s shot reminds me that any ride on a fat-bike is a great one even if the snow fairies haven’t seen fit to lay down a fresh blanket of the white stuff in your area.

Check out these great ride stories from the past year or so. There are epic adventures, rides in far away places, race reports and ride on local trails to whet your appetite for your own ride motivation!

  • Gomez took a trip to the beaches of Washington State right after Interbike last year and recently post this story. – Fat-Bike Destinations – Long Beach, Washington, USA.
  • The local mountain tops in Wales called to Jeff Price last May saying in a little piece he likes to call – Welsh Mountain Fat-bike Action!
  • Andrea Cohen penned this race report about  – The Triple D from Atop the Podium.
  • From the Minnesota River Bottoms, Mark Sirek got Religion on the River and told us this Minneapolis tale.
  • Jerry Wright up Hayward Wisconsin way sent us a Global Fat-bike Day ride report from the new fat-biking mecca of Seely, WI. Check out Jerry’s Global Fat-bike Day Report, Seely, WI story.
  • Fat Camp Podcast co-host, Ken Blakey-Shell sent us this ride report from the Lake Michigan shoreline in Michigan called – The Point-to-Point Beach Ride.
  • United States NATC Trials Champion and Fatback brand ambassador, Pat Smage, used a video camera to record a spectacular bunch of riding in his – Local Woods.
  • Euan Pennington has sent in several ride reports from the Land Down Under. This one is called – Adventuring at Erica.
  • Kevin Higgins from New Zealand has sent us a few stories and this one is called – Fat-Bike Love – KaKa Point, New Zealand.
  • Are you a sadist? Then you’ll love Angry Andy’s race report from the “10,000”, a 125-mile B-road race with over 11,000 feet of climbing that he did on a 46 pound, Single Speed Pugsley! – Ten Thousand.
  • There are a bunch more stories in our Ride Report category. Check the out!

Go out there, ride your fat-bike and tell us about your adventures whether you are doing an epic trip or just getting out on the neighborhood trail, we’d love to hear about it! Shoot a note to and tell me all about it! Remember, you’re good enough, you’re strong enough and gosh darn it, you deserve it!

One Response to Motivational Monday! – Mario’s Fatboy in Germany

  1. Sven Haamer January 4, 2016 at 11:16 am #

    Whoops! Sorry folks, Mario’s bike is a Specialized Fatboy! Got fooled by the “S”