Product Preview – Revelate Designs Wampak

We got our first look at an early prototype of the new Wampak, back in February 2015, during a visit to Revelate Designs headquarters in Anchorage. I thought the Wampak was a great idea that addressed cold weather hydration challenges, that anyone that’s ever tried to use a traditional hydration pack, in cold weather, is familiar with. Traditional hydration pack hoses don’t take long to freeze, even in just moderately cold winter conditions. There are battery powered hose heaters and plenty of neoprene shielding available, but I’ve never used a hydration system with a neoprene tube insulator that was reliable beyond an hour or two. I’ve never tried the Arctic Innovations Hydroheater, but I’ve been told that it works (till the battery runs out). The Wampak provides a battery -free option.

We featured a video of Dusty talking about the Wampak at Interbike last September and Eric and Dusty have put together a new clip about their new pack (above) that clearly explains the unique features of the new Wampak. We’ll be testing one of these new arrivals over the next few weeks. The MSRP of the Wampak is set at $95 and they’re available right now.

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  1. Ah, the mystery of the “bra removal without taking off the shirt” solved! Looks like a decent pack, and pretty close to the price of others of the same volume.

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