Reader’s Ride(s) – Nick’s Classic Puglsey Fat-Rod!

classic pugsley5

It looks as though, my old friend, Nick, and I share an admiration for the classic Bullmoose handlebar! Nick’s a pro bike jock at Geoffs Bike and Ski in Iowa City and his “fat-rod” restoration of his legacy Surly Pugsley, is a work of art! Here’s what Nick had to share about his sweet Fat-Rod!

I just saw some pics of your revitalized Otis and the sweet Ritchey Bullmoose bar you set it up with. The bike looks killer. I wanted to share some pics of the Pugsley I just finished building up a few weeks ago.

classic pugsley1

Definitely not new or carbon or 5″ tires but I think it came together well and is a pretty classy ride.

classic pugsley3

Original offset Pug with offset fork, powder coated in Forest Service Green done by Rainbow Coatings in Cedar Rapids, IA. Profile Racing hubs laced into Marge Lites with 45Nrth Husker Du in the back and Vanhelga up front. Eriksen Ti post. Nitto Bullmoose bars (had to get them straight from Japan). X9 – 1×10 drivetrain. White Industries ENO crankset with a prototype White Ind. 28t narrow wide chainring. (Doing my best to put it through the ringer to give the enginerds there some proper field testing, I still have yet to drop the chain) Phil Wood bottom bracket. Black Ops Torqlite pedals. Elixir 5 brakes.

classic pugsley4

Anyways, just wanted to share with you and the readers, as I am sure you know steel bikes still have sex appeal in this world of aluminum and carbon fatties.

classic pugsley2

All the best and happy Bullmoose Faturday,

Nick Sobocinski

That is one sweet fatty, Nick! We’ve always wanted to fat-rod an old purple Pug. Sort of a sleeper resto with carbon rims badged as Large Marges – Huge Slicks – Mr. Whirley Cranks. Hey I invented a new word for pimped out legacy fat-bikes….Fat-Rod! Now we need Fat-Rod Magazine and another podcast to cover that scene.

Send us some shots of your fat-rod and we’ll feature them right here of (home of Fat-Rod Magazine). The gnomes that sort all of our email monitor Shoot me some pixels and if you include your snail mail address, I’ll send you out some stickers! Our stickers are pretty kick ass!

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2 Responses to Reader’s Ride(s) – Nick’s Classic Puglsey Fat-Rod!

  1. Wade January 7, 2016 at 10:14 pm #

    Nice job on the resto! Very nice to keep an old friend in top condition. Now get out and enjoy that beauty in good health!

  2. Jason March 22, 2016 at 12:34 pm #