Vote for Fat-Bike of the Year & STICKERS!

VOTE for the BEST FAT-BIKE of 2015

You can check out the 2015 field by perusing this link right here. Then call 818-918-2453 and leave us a message, to cast your vote for the best fat-bike of 2015. If you want to call in and cast your vote as part of the Miss Fat-Bike Universe Pageant 2015, call Wednesday night, between 8-9 PM CST and join our broadcast of the premier fat-bike beauty pageant in the entire world. Your call could play a pivotal role, in helping crown  – Miss Fat-Bike Universe 2015! aka the best fat-bike of 2015. Please tune in on Friday and listen to the pageant….with all of the….pageantry and maybe some giggling. The Miss Fat-Bike Universe Pageant is on the Weekly Dose of Fat, brought to you by Surly Bikes.


We have a long history of giving away stickers to our readers and we have a new set that would look great on your fatty or star ship. The new stickers are not the only sticker that we’ll mail you, but they’re new, so I’ll post a picture below. Some of our sponsors have  given us a pile of stickers, so you might get stickers from Bontrager, Hed or Surly along with a sampling of the remnants of sticker design from  the past.

actual size = 2.61" x 3"

actual size = 2.61″ x 3″

All you have to do to get a sticker pack mailed to your door is send us an outstanding photograph or video of what you call fat-bike fun! Email your photos or hosted video to with fat-bike fun as the subject line. Don’t forget to include your mailing address so we can send you out some of our kick ass stickerage!


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