The Rovanemi 150 Arctic Winter Race is Europe’s ITI Qualifier and is in it’s fifth year! Check out the action from this year’s competition in this video that the event shared today. More than 100 racers signed up this year. There are three different distances (66k, 150k and 300k) and three different categories (on foot, by fatbike or skies).

This acts as a perfect reminder that the Iditarod Trail Invitational is coming up next week! The ITI is the ‘Superbowl’ of fat-bike racing! Check back tomorrow, when we’ll publish our ‘ITI Trail Guide’ written by the winner of the ITI/350 in 2014, Kevin Breitenbach! As always, there’s more to come just down the trail…



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  1. I too got the chance to pop my arctic ultra cherry at last weekend’s Rovaniemi 150. Despite race director Alex’s optimism that bikes would ‘fly’ on some of the lake and road sections, this didn’t turn out in reality. Fresh snow and relatively mild conditions meant I spent 38hrs and 31mins mainly pushing my way around the course in ankle-deep snow to finish 15th fatbike and 25th overall – there were 33 DNFs out of a field of 62 starters.
    For the 300km event, there were only 4 finishers – many abandoned at 80km upon realising that they wouldn’t make the day 2 time cut.
    This hasn’t put me off and I relish the challenge of trying for the 300 next year.
    Hope you enjoy my video!

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