Product Preview- Race Face Chester Pedals by Evan LarSSon

The Chester is a new flat pedal offered by Race Face, but who is this Chester they speak of?  “I heard Chester made fun of Enduro before it was cool” and “I can’t ride today” said Chester NEVER, are a couple of things I’ve seen on the interwebs. I was curious if this new line lived up to the hype, luckily, our Tio Gomez threw me a set of purple Chester pedals on a visit a few weeks back  I immediately installed them on my Pugsley and took them for a spin the next day.

chester 1

The pedal body is made from a stout nylon composite that comes in a variety of colors including but not forgetting PURPLE, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, YELLOW, RED, and of course BLACK. The platform measured out to 110mm length by 101mm width.  A body thickness of 15mm keeps your feet that much further from the roots and rocks and 8 replaceable steel pins keep the rubber side down. The cro-moly axel is fully sealed and has a completely serviceable bearing and bushing system for your pleasure.

chester 2

I’m really looking forward to putting these pedals through hell over the next few weeks and will report my findings back to you all out in Fatlandia.

The Numbers

BODY MATERIAL: Nylon composite body
AXLE MATERIAL: Chromoly steel
HEIGHT: 15mm – 18.4mm
PLATFORM SIZE: 110mm x 101mm
WEIGHT: 340g
# of PINS: 16 SHCS hex traction pins per pedal (8 per side)
BEARINGS: Cartridge bearings and DU bushings
COLOUR: Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

LT. LarSSon, late but not lost.

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  1. Been on a pair of Chesters for almost a month now and I love ’em. Reasonably light, super durable and more grip than any comparable pedal I’ve previously used. And you can find them for about one Ulyssees S. Grant. I think my search for the ideal fattie pedal is over.

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