Wolftooth Components Singletrack Pogies Review


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Gnomie stamp best acces 15We spotlighted the new Wolftooth Components Singletrack Pogies (WCSP) back in November. That story featured a really nice video that Wolftooth put together. We’ve shared it again below because it highlights the unique features of this Gnomie Award winning accessory. You read that correctly, just last month, the (WCSP) won the Gnomie for the Best Fat-Bike Accessory for 2015.

photo courtesy of Wolftooth ComponentsI’ve been very impressed with the design of the (WCSP) bar-plug attachment point. Taking pogies on and off can be quite awkward with other brands that we’ve tested. The two piece, quarter turn, interlocking, bar-plug system that comes with the (WCSP) is the best that we’ve ever seen and we’ve tested moose mitts, bar mitts,  revelate designs, and  cobrafists.  The good news is that the WCSP bar-plugs can be adapted to work with some other brands of pogies.

sbiner and locking endcap
The locking endcap quickly connects to the bar-plug. Instead of tieing the end cap to the pogie, (like they show in the video), we added an S Biner that clips to the pogie. This allowed us to use this attachment system with other brands of pogies.*

I switched between a set of Revelate Designs pogies and the WCSP by attaching Niteize S Biner size zero clips to the bar plugs locking end caps and using the tiny S Biners to attach the cap to the pogie.

Otis Rock'n the Wolftooth Pogies on a 25 degree blue bird of a day. Singletrack is right in the name of these pogies, and they handle it accordingly.
Otis Rock’n the Wolftooth Pogies on a 25 degree blue bird of a day. Singletrack is right in the name of these pogies, and they totally live up to their name.

These pogies mount and remove very easily and that’s a big deal during everyday usage, when El Nino is causing wild fluctuations in our Winter temperatures. The WCSP’s are made from 420D Diamond ripstop nylon with a knitted polyester insulated lining that has just the right amount of stiffness to hold their shape even after a couple of months of abuse. The WCSP also is a pogie that might be a gateway for riders that aren’t really comfortable with riding with their hands inside of a more traditionally configured set of pogies. Most other pogies enclose the arm to the middle of the forearm. The WCSP’s only go up just past the wrist (with the cuff folded), which makes  getting in and out of them, less intimidating. With the cuff folded down the WCSP can be used, as warm as, the mid 30’s with thin gloves. I did most of my testing, wearing Pearl Izumi PRO Lite Soft Shell Gloves that Pearl rates for 35-45 degree F. I tested the WCSP’s down to the very low single digits with the cuffs zipped and a pair of Filson merino wool gloves and they worked well. The WCSP is not a product for arctic temps. I think the low end of the comfort range for most folks would be around 5 degrees F. Below those temps, pogies with more insulation would perform better. So from 5-38 degrees the WCSP’s keep hands warm and even though there’s no zippered vent, the folding cuff, coupled with how tightly the bar/cable closure is adjusted, allow for ample venting, for when afternoon temperatures climb into the 30’s. And if it gets above 38, they come off, very easily, and pack up pretty darn small. The WCSP’s 0nly weigh 270 grams a pair.

Our Test platform for the WCSP's included this Borealis Crestone with an Elite Carbon Wheelset and the Northern Lights rally package. This bike deserves the best, so the Wolftooth pogies were right at home.
Our Test platform for the WCSP’s included this Borealis Crestone with an Elite Carbon Wheelset – Next Carbon Bar/Stem/Post/Crank and the Northern Lights rally package. A sled like this, calls for the very best, so the Wolftooth pogies were a perfect fit.

The only improvement that I can suggest is that they send along a little bit longer shock cord segments for the locking end caps. I had to use a hemostat to help execute a double figure eight knot, but maybe my fat fingers are lacking in the dexterity required for such things. The end result of the quarter turn, bar-plug, attachment system, that they designed, far outweighs this miniscule knit-pickery. An added bonus to all that I’ve mentioned above is that, these are made in the USA. If you want to give pogies a try and you ride where winter temps don’t get below zero very often, the Wolftooth Components Singletrack Pogies should be at the top of your list. I highly recommend them and give them a 4.98 gnomes out of 5 rating.4.98 of 5 gnomes

For more information about Wolftooth Components line of products visit – http://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/

*not compatible with 45NRTH Cobrafist

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  1. I absolutely love my Wolftooth ponies. Just enough protection. Your review is bang on. Keep up the great work.

  2. “So from 5-38 degrees” …

    Honestly, I never use pogies here in North Dakota _ and Alaska before that _ until about 5 degrees. I guess it’s great that all these pogies are coming out loaded with features but my Dogwood Designs are simple, light and have worked comfortably to minus 40 with liner gloves. Best winter investment I’ve made. One good thing is they are cheaper now with the added competition.

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