Reader’s Ride(s) – Thomas’ Norwegian Beargrease


Winter greetings from Slemmestad (“Badlands”) in Norway. I’m Thomas and I’m a happy owner of a Beargrease XX1 with some light customization to the build spec that I bought from a local store in 2015.

In general I do both road and MTB biking (Hardtail) and in the last 12 months enjoyed the venture of Fat-biking.

My Beargrease spec as follow:

  • Full XX1 kit, brakes and drivetrain. At the moment I’m running with a SRAM chainring X-Sync 34T although probably change down to 32T by spring time.
  • Whisky Parts NO.9 70 mm rims and NO.7 seatpost and bar.
  • Race Face Turbine stem.
  • Specialized Phenom Expert saddle.
  • Summer rubber is Maxxis Mammoth and Winter 45Nrth Dillinger 4.
  • Click. Shimano XT Trail.
  • Grip from Lizard skins.

Here are some photos from my recent Beargrease trips.


TD first day of january 2016

TD frosty days december 2015

TD Happy camper november 2015

TD in the woods


This racing shot is from the Ultra Birken last August…this race (Friday and Saturday) is the largest MTB race in the world regarding number of participants.

TD sellfie Ultrabirken 2015

This is a DIY wall hanger for my piece of art!

TD diy wall hanger

Hope you guys will enjoy the shots and by the way, thx for all the inspiring stories you share with us readers and keep up the great work at HQ.

Thanks, Thomas!


2 Responses to Reader’s Ride(s) – Thomas’ Norwegian Beargrease

  1. Bret March 10, 2016 at 5:13 pm #

    That is one cool wall mount. I will use that idea, but make a stand that can be moved. It will also be double decker for two bikes. I like the storage in the middle and the surface for the helmet.

    • Thomas March 15, 2016 at 6:05 pm #

      Thx Bret, it’s a great way to store bikes. Cool, looking forward to see your version. Have one more higer up on the wall for my race track bike :0)
      Both wall mounts are made spesific to each bike hence road and mtb have different geometric frames. Road version works perfect for helmet.The mtb needs some friction to preventiv helmet from sliding off so i used dobbelsided tape for that.

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