Show 100 Raffle! Show up and win!

faat-bike-radio-show-100- 647

Big doings at the Fat-bike Radio Show 100 HQ! Gomez shook down the peeps who helps us keep this site goin’ and got us some killer prizes that we will raffle off at the Show 100 Party! Oh! There are A LOT MORE PRIZES THAN WHAT WE ARE SHOWING! Stupid CAPS lock. Anyway, yes, you should show up or you can’t win, unless we decide you can! Look back to previous stories to see other prizes.

and others have donated prizes for us to give to you bad ass selfs!

Show up at the event, get a FREE raffle ticket, and win!

Gomez says, “check this post out on the FarceBook” 100th Show Celebration! ’cause Sven can’t remember to put it in. Good thing we are a team.

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