The Best Pump on the Market is Getting Fatter


We did a little test of portable tire pumps last year (link) and the company that makes the pump that won our 3 pump shootout, Lezyne, has plans to enlarge the air chamber and quite literally make the best fat-bike pump, in the market, even Fatter! These are shots of the prototype and we should be able see pre-production samples soon.

The Micro Floor Drive XL is an “XL” version of the Micro Floor Drive portable floor pump. The upgrade employs a phat barrel to move, more air per cycle, when filling up fatbike and plus-size tires, and yet, it’s still compact enough to slip into a hydration pack. It also has the best chuck, longest hose and stabilizing footpeg that our testers liked in the regular Micro Drive. It also has a larger handle that should feel better against the palm of your hand.


We’ll have more, when we get an early production model to test!

For more information about Lezyne visit

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  1. Well aren’t these exciting times. If these pumps keep getting bigger I can sell off my large compressor. I currently use the Digital Over Drive and love it. I look forward to your review.

  2. I had purchased their pump for my Salsa Fargo. The Achilles heal is the pressure gauge. It leaks terribly. An o-ring is used seal it, which is fine if you do not rotate the hose. EVER!!

    There are not too many inexpensive connections for air lines. Even less if rotation of the joint may occur. A solid hose would be best.

    This XL version will probably be fine if there is no pressure gauge but I will not attempt to find out until it has been tested thoroughly.

  3. The pressure gauge issue is well known and well documented. I have no idea why they have not been able to correct it. May just be the nature of the gauge. I purchased the version without the gauge and just use a low-pressure pencil gauge. No problems.

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