Weekly Dose of Fat Show #98 – Gomez in Missouri


Eric from Mountain Racing Products took this shot on a wonderful 19deg day, on Palisade Rim trail in Palisade, CO.

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 98 – Friday, March 18th 2016

Sven and JK are in the studio while Gomez is on the road down Missouri way visiting Old Bear! That’s him below!


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On the show this week?

  • We Start the show off with the Event of The Week
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report brought to you Quiring Cycles.
  • We have a menz-on-the-street interview with Gomez and old Bear
  • We’ll talk about our Spring Shearing Contest

This week’s event of the week is our very own show #100 partying deal coming up on April 1st, and, no, this isn’t an April Fools joke!


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Cheers! We chat about beer and maybe St Patrick’s Day

Gomez call-in from Missouri

Last week our question of the week was, if there were a beach race in your area, what format would you like?

  • Short Course MTB
  • Beach Crit
  • Team Enduro
  • Fat-bike Beach Steeplechase

Let’s discuss!

Fatty Farm Field Report

This week’s Fatty Farm Field Report is presented by Quiring Cycles. The Quiring Triple B is the fattest ride on two wheels. Visit

The Spring Shearing of the Beards Contest

We are shearing our beards down for the spring, maybe to a quarter of an inch, maybe not, but we will weigh the bounty in grams and the person who guesses closest wins!

We’ve been collecting prizes and will award at least three places with prizes from:

  • Surly
  • Schlick Cycles
  • Borealis
  • SKS Fenders
  • Framed Bikes
  • RSD Bikes
  • Bontraeger
  • Maxxis
  • And, of course,

Send an email to to enter. Make sure to use the Subject: Jackass! The winners will be announced at our Century Show.

This is a reminder that we still have a few Sticker Packs left in  the  Store but supplies are limited and our next offering wil be different so if you covet the goodness, check out the Shop.

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Fat-bike Links

Death Rider’s Voyageurs Adventure

Bike Life in Swedish Lapland and an Archipelago Whiteout (sweet pix!)

Beach ride in Santa Barbara (my birthplace!)

Yep, spring came early in the Minnesota

According to the headline, fat-biking is new in Vermont

US Fat-bike National Championships Coverage

Checking in with Bruce!

The Decorah time Trials are coming up at the end of April. You don’t have to ride a fat-bike but you certainly can!

Plus Bike Links

Obrea gets in on the 27+ thang

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2 Responses to Weekly Dose of Fat Show #98 – Gomez in Missouri

  1. thub March 18, 2016 at 1:54 pm #

    Old Bear! That’s kick ass that Gomez to roll with him.

  2. Wade March 18, 2016 at 9:34 pm #


    Your visit made OldBear’s day! He was so pleased to have had the opportunity to hang out and go out for a ride around Lions and show you one of his haunts.

    The Bear really enjoyed the visit and ride!

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