Brazilians Across Quebec – Episode 2: The Race!

Welcome to the second episode of Brazilians Across Quebec, it’s time for the great crossing of Lake Saint-Jean. A white desert of 32km, with freezing temperatures and biting winds. The biggest challenge for the Brazilian team to date. Jonatha Jünge is on a mission to face the crossing aboard his Fat-Bike, while Daniel RootRider and Nata Giacomozzi embark on snowmobiles to shoot the adventure. Then to relax, a horseback ride during a snowstorm at the inner city of Alma, Quebec.
Brazilians Across Quebec is a production of Root Rider TV in partnership with FatBikeBrasil and Nata Filmes.

The Brazilian team traveled at the invitation of Tourisme Quebec and the Traversée du Lac Saint-Jean. Thanks also to the support of Tourisme Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean and Specialized Bikes Brasil+Canada.


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