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Riley – his mustache – and a mountain

I met Mason & Riley at the Fat-Bike Worlds this February in Crested Butte. I had seen Mason, riding a fat-bike that I recognized from a small Wisconsin bike company, Wyatt Bicycles, and it turned out to be Riley’s sled. Riley and Mason were at worlds, as part of the herd of ‘working media’ and we were all waiting to take a bus, up to Snodgrass, for some Facebook Friday – Hot-Fat Demo action. Riley owns FlowFoto and has a mustache that could star on it’s own network television program or, at the very least, have a recurring role on the CBS’s Hawaii Five-O. Without any further non sequitur, pop-culture references, I’ll just share the 411 on this exemplary display of a  Wyatt Driftless fat-bike in it’s natural environment.

Rider- Mason Johnston

Trail name – Star Wars Trail. Durango, CO (Test Tracks is the trail system name)

Photographer- Riley Seebeck (
Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

Over the last five years, we’ve been amazed and grateful to have received so many beautiful photos of fat-bike-FUN from around the globe! Please keep on sending us your fat-ventures and we’ll keep on sharing them with the world wide, fat-bike tribe. My email address is uncle ¡Via con bicis gordas amigos!

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  1. Riley Seebeck April 27, 2016 at 10:36 am #

    My mustache and self thank you for the post dude!

    Ill be back in Wisconsin this weekend! Maybe ill see ya round!

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