Oddity Cycles Razorbar Plus – A Custom Fabricated Handlebar

Sean “Burnsey” Burns from Oddity Cycles sent us out a set of Oddity Razorbar Plus handlebars to check out. Not your average 5d/8d aluminum or carbon bars but real, steel, custom goodness made from 4130 Chromoly.

As an avid singlespeeder, Burnsey was looking for rise and sweep for comfort, hooks for climbing and cruising, additional hand positions and WIDE for leverage. Plus, with the cross member you also have added points to strap bikepacking gear and electronics/lights, etc. He designed these bars with the fatbike/bikepacking/singlespeed communities in mind.

Oddity will make these bars in any rise (1-3/4” minimum to clear the stem), any width and any with any sweep! Customize to your hearts content. The standard bar is 810mm Wide with a 1-3/4” rise, 15 degree back sweep at the grip and 30 degree at the hooks.

Ours was made custom and as such measures out like this:

  • 770mm wide
  • 756g
  • 15d initial bend
  • 50d additional for the hooks for a super pullback 65d total!
  • Powder-coated in Black

Burnsey also sent a set of his recommended, super long ODI grips for these suckers, and a shim to fit 31.8mm stems.

Frankly, it took me a bit to find a bike in my stable that I wanted to try these out on. This particular set, remember these are custom, did’t play nice with my non-singlespeed needs mostly due to the fact that the length of the Rohloff twist shifters I use on my beach fat-bike couldn’t be forceified past the first bend in the bars. However, I found a willing recipient in my custom Schlick, long-tail fat-bike that uses a SRAM trigger shifter.

Riding the Longtail with these bars was great! The pullback position was super for cruising the local rails-to-trails paths and for city cruising while the flatter 15d portion, where I mounted the controls, worked well on our local singletrack. I’ve enjoyed these bars on the Longtail but simply don’t use the Longtail enough to justify keeping these kick-ass bars on it and it is time to pass them on to Gomez for some Klunker bike love! Look for more words down the trail!

Retail on the Razorbar Plus is $145 and you can check out more at http://odditycycles.com

Burnsey has offered you, our devoted readers and basement gimps, a 10% discount on orders by using the following discount code; FAT-BIKE.COM-PLUSBAR.

Oddity provided these bars for review. No other compensation was received.

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  1. Just received and mounted up my Oddity Razorbar. Perfect upgrade for my Ice Cream Truck!

  2. Don’t need any immediately, but thanks for the post. Been desperately trying to find a handlebar combo that’ll work for me, and finding a place to make a custom fit makes me very happy. 🙂

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