Product Preview – A’ME Heated Grips by Dustin Carlson

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Heated grips you say?! I’m interested!

We all know that the fat bike is most at home in the snow and ice in the middle of winter. While most mountain bikers are at home watching reruns of Red Bull Rampage circa 2012 on YouTube, we fat bikers are out having the time of our lives! And as tough and burly as we tend to be, what is wrong with a modicum of creature comfort?

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The A’ME heated grips arrived on my door step a couple days after agreeing to review them, pretty fast shipping. The package consisted of three boxes, the grips, the battery, and the charger. All pretty straight forward. The owners manual was simple to understand, and I immediately plugged in the charger and battery so I could try them out as soon as possible.

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I am going to be using the grips in the latter part of the winter and into the spring so I will get to test them over a range of temperatures and landscapes. My initial take is, their are a lot of wires to hook up and secure to my bike. The battery must be fastened somehow as well as a power/level switch. The manufacturer provides a long velcro strap and some zip ties. I’ve got some I ideas as to how I can attach them but I will have to test it out.

I really look forward to testing the grips because I have had rides cut short because I couldn’t feel my hands. The hands are definitely the first to go on a cold, windy, winter day.

Will these babies keep me warm, and actually work well as grips? Stay tuned!

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