Weekly Dose of Fat – 4-29-16

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Check out this trail fodder fittin’ a ruin Fatbassador Travis’s ride! If this was your tire, what would you do? Ideas on a fix? Leave a comment below!

You radio show hosts Sven, Gomez and JK continue their spring break this week. Meanwhile check out the fat-bike news of the week!

Event of the Week

Decorah Human Powered Trails and The Decorah Parks and Rec in, you guessed it, Decorah, IA are hosting one of the longest running MTB Time Trials anywhere! The 26th running of the Decorah Time Trials is set for tomorrow, April 30th, 2016. There was no pre-registration and the onsite sign-up starts at 10AM! Get some!


Check it out our Fat-bike Mojo Gallery! Send me your Mojo pix and you might win a prize! Shoot ’em to mojo@fat-bike.com.

Fat-bike Links

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Plus Bike Links

Check out the RSD Sergeant 27-plus bike review over at PlusBikes.com!

Check out this video of the new Plus Bike tires, the Rekon+ and Ikno+ form Maxxis!

JoBoo gets a Krampus

Sven, Gomez and JK really will be back next week with the Weekly Dose of Fat Radio Show Episode #102!

Finally, look for a new Fat Camp Podcast episode later today!

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  1. Remove sticks

    ,clean inside of affected area,cut old inertube 2″x2″ rubber cement to inside of tube ,fill exterior opening with flexible epoxy,cross fingers. Or buy new tire and skip lunch for a week

  2. Pull the tire and take it to a car tire repair shop. They can patch it just like a car tire.

  3. Thoroughly stitch the hole closed with dual duty nylon thread for buttons and upholstery. Rubber cement over the stitches. Glue a large radial tire patch in place and let it cure completely. Re-mount, add Stans fluid, and ride it. This technique has worked for me on about 8 different repairs to large sidewall cuts. When sewing the hole/cut closed, you can also glue and stitch a small piece of an old sidewall for reinforcement, but it needs to be very thin so it does not interfere with gluing the radial tire patch over the repair. Its worked great for me and those tires still live today!

  4. Fold dollar bill 2x
    Insert between tube and tire during inflation.
    Quick n’ dirty.

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