Beaver Guard Fat-bike Mudguards

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We first took a look at the formable, flexible, plastic Beaver Guard Mudguards last year when owner Christian LaLonde first offered the product and now, after a year on several different bikes, let’s see what’s up!

Changes to the original product are both functional, with a new updated hole pattern for even better fit on the Bluto version, as well as colors on the graphics to compliment your rides scheme. In addition, if you are running a Manitou Magnum on your plus bike there is option for that as well.

Previously, I used the Beaver Guard on my custom Snowzocchi fat-bike fork because Bluto availability was limited when the Beaver Guard originally came out but now I’ve had one on my current Bluto-Equipped APe for 6-plus months as well as an RST Renegade.


I find that having the Beaver Guards on are a set-it and forget-it proposition. I do, on occasion, augment the coverage with a downtube fender like the SKS X-board or Fatboard for extra coverage on the front of the bike but I like that the Beaver Guard is light weight and always on the bike.

As for the rear, I’d like more coverage than the mounting position on my rear triangle provides so if I know ahead of time that conditions will be wet, especially in rainy commuter conditions, I use an SKS seatpost mount Grand MOM. The nice thing about the Beaver Guard is that it is always there and even when using the SKS the Bever Guard fills in the area below the seat where the SKS is lacking in coverage.

For almost all wet and/or sloppy conditions the Beaver Guard it is a lot better than nothing!

Beaver Guard now has an online store so check out and note that Beaver Guard prices are in Canadian Dollars, so the $15.00 price is really about $11.50US at the time of this writing.

Here are the intended uses of the Beaver Guard form the website:

  • Rock Shox Bluto
  • Rigid forks
  • Lauf suspension forks
  • Rear version for the rear triangle above the wheel or behind the drivetrain
  • as well as 27.5 and 29er guards
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  1. I saw the Beaver Guards here and decided to try them this past winter. Easy zip tie mounting and a decent / light fender. I did get some spray below the knees and some on my back but the guards kept 90% of the muck off. I recommend them. My fork is a Bluto.

  2. My buddy Coach just got a pair for his Puggs. They look great and you can’t beat Canadian!

  3. Nevermind the wee fender, what’s up with those Dilly4’s??? Damn, those look far better than the original tread pattern…

  4. Thank you for a great review!! Thank you to everyone in the fatbike community for the great support we’ve gotten!!! Enjoy the rides!!!

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