Weekly Dose of Fat – May 13th 2016

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Weekly Dose of Fat – May 13th 2016

We’ve got your Weekly Dose New Report here for Friday, May 13th, 2016. Check out the Show Schedule below to learn when you can hear your favorite fat-bike radio shows here on Sven, Gomez and JK will be back next week but check out those openings! Do you have an idea for a show? Can you produce a monthly Podcast? Just check out Ken and Andy’s Fat Camp to hear what I’m talkin’ ’bout. If you can help us fill in the weekly schedule shoot an email off to We’ll make you famous!

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Event of the Week


2nd Annual Primal Colorado Bike Expo (

Fatty Farm Field Report

The Fatty Farm Field Report is brought to by Quiring Cycles  the Quiring triple B is the fattest ride on two wheels featuring the new generation of 5.05 inch tires. Visit Quiring cycles dot net to see the next level of bicycle exploration


DirtTri is this a new thing? F’real?

Fat-bike Links

Biking with Captain Cook

Fat-bike touring Northwest Alaska in March

Check out the fat-bike when an artist builds a bike based on what people remember when they draw one.

Another Antarctic Fat-bike Crossing Attempt?

Fat-bike Love at Pikes Peak Community College’s 2016 Commencement where Steve Kaczmarek, CEO and owner of Borealis Fatbike Company, presents his keynote address about the importance of working hard, identifying opportunities and giving back this Saturday.

Fat-bikes mean tourism $$$ in Alexandria, MN

Bird watching on fat-bikes

Weekly Scottish Reports

Plus Bike Links

Maple Hill Singletrack

It’s not Plus Bikes but it is Slayer!

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Join us next time for more hijinx and hyperbole from the seedy underbelly of what we like to refer to as The Imaginary Dose of Fat.

Current Radio Show Schedule

  • 5/20 WDoF – 103
  • 5/27 Fat-Camp 13
  • 6/3 Open
  • 6/10 WDoF – 104
  • 6/17 Open
  • 6/24 Fat Camp 14
  • 7/1 WDoF – 105
  • 7/8 Open
  • 7/15 WDoF -106
  • 7/22 Fat Camp 15
  • 7/29 Open
  • 8/5 WDoF -107
  • 8/12 Open
  • 8/19 WDoF -108
  • 8/26 Fat Camp 16
  • 9/2 – WDoF – 109
  • 9/9 Open
  • 9/16 – WDoF 110 – Interbike Preview
  • 9/21 – 9/23 WDoF Live from Interbike?
  • 9/28 – Fat Camp 17
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