Weekly Dose of Fat – 6-17-16


We are in summer mode here at Fat-bike Radio and getting all spaced out! Coming up Fat Camp Show 14 next week and Sven Gomez and JK will be back on July 1st with a show about carbon bike repairs and call in guest talking about their favorite Fat and Plus Bike forks.



Fatty Farm Field Report

JK – The Fatty Farm Field Report is brought to by Quiring Cycles  the Quiring triple B is the fattest ride on two wheels featuring the new generation of 5.05 inch tires. Visit Quiring cycles dot net to see the next level of bicycle exploration

Fat Bike Links

Pugsley on the Dempster Highway

Paul from Surly on the company’s future

Salsa Bucksaw

Plus Bike Links

Industry Nine Plus Bike Backcountry Wheels

The CoastKid heads inland on 29+

Bruce’s buddy ib Belgium has had an E-Plus bike stolen.

Revised 6Fattie Review on TGR

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Summer Show Schedule

If you have an idea for a show to help us fill in the Open slots over the summer! Become a radio star! Let us know!

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