Wallpaper Wednesday – Miércoles Fondo de Pantalla


The best part of this gig is getting to share the passion for “Fun on Bikes” from folks, that hail from around the world. We’re coming up on the five year anniversary for and that adds up to over eighteen hundred gorgeous examples of all of our fat-bike amigos, out playing bikes! This week’s edition of WW is from our amigo Mick in the UK.

I’m Mick Stevens from Cornwall in the South West UK, the bike is an On One Fatty I refer to as ‘Fatso’, which I’ve had since December 2015. I ride on Bridleways, muddy woodland trails and country lanes mostly, and Fatso suits these, and my riding style (slow!) really well. I seriously love this bike!

I have a neighbour who I occasionally ride with, who scoffed when I first got the Fatty. But after seeing the fun I was having, and the way it just rumbles over and through everything in its path, well he went out and bought a Specialized Fatboy SE and is now a true convert – he can’t stay off it!

The photo was taken at a ford on one of the country lanes, on the way to the local woods.

Cinco años de los miércoles de pantall etsa aqui –

Have you taken a photo that would make a stunning addition to our fat-bike art gallery? Send us a high res file and a few words about the subject of maybe, let’s say, fun on bikes? Send us smoke signals or email

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  1. Mick July 28, 2016 at 4:39 am #

    The passion displayed right across this site is certainly infectious, and played a big part in me taking the Fat Bike plunge! Keep up the good work and thanks for featuring Fatso on the site!

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