Weekly Dose of Fat – 7-22-16


Our Scottish pal, Bruce, has been testing out the second generation Singular Puffin and has been reporting on his findings regularly. Check out the links below or visit!

From an article on BRAIN this week – “Utah’s Senators, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch are supporting a bill that would allow local land managers to decide whether to allow and how to manage mountain biking in federally designated wilderness areas, something that some mountain bikers have been advocating.” Check more out here:

What do you think of that plan? They are Federal Lands but this proposal would seek to allow more local control.

Plus, get ready for Ken and Andy on Fat Camp Show #15 later today!

Fat-Bike Links

Showing off Olov’s hometown on fat-bikes –

Costal ride in Scotland plus a bit on tire sizing. –

5AM Sunrise and the Singular Puffin on test –

Midweek report from Scotland –

Fat-bikes among the most desirable for bike thieves. –

Trying to fat-bike the wake of a cruise ship, say what? –

Plus Bike Links

Random Cycling Linkage

Dirty’s call to action –

Current Summer WDoF Show Schedule

  • 7/22 Fat Camp 15 Later Today!
  • 7/29 WDoF -106
  • 8/5 WDoF -107
  • 8/12 Open
  • 8/19 WDoF -108
  • 8/26 Fat Camp 16
  • 9/2 – WDoF – 109
  • 9/9 Open
  • 9/16 – WDoF 110 – Interbike Preview
  • 9/21 – 9/23 WDoF Live from Interbike?
  • 9/28 – Fat Camp 17
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