Blackburn Chamber HV Floor Pump

Blackburn’s new Chamber HV floor pump is purpose-built for lower pressure applications like mountain bike and fat-bike use. It has an high-volume, oversized, steel barrel for quick fills of the fatter tires popular today and a HUGE 4-inch-diameter gauge that reads to 50 psi maximum in the Chamber HV’s steel base.

Attached to the 28 inch tall pump is a 47-inch-long hose, a pump head with an alloy cap and lever, and an integrated hose keeper.

An interesting feature of the Chamber HV is that the handle clamp is 31.8mm meaning you can swap in a different handle using a standard mountain bike handlebar.

Heck, there’s even an integrated bottle opener.

My first test of the pump was a 4-inch 45NRTH Husker Du mounted on an 80mm Sun MuleFut rim. I let the air out and squeezed out as much as possible. The pump head uses Blackburn’s Anyvalve design that works on Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. It attached easily to the Presta valve we were using. (in over 40 years of cycling I’ve never seen a Dunlop valve, also known as an English valve, but you will find them in many countries outside the US.) In 22 full strokes of the pump handle the gauge read 10 psi and the tire felt about right. We have a Meiser low pressure gauge in the shop that reads 0-30 psi and is, obviously, designed for low pressure accuracy. It read 11psi. Still, this floor pump is the most accurate at lower pressures than any other we’ve used in the shop. In truth, I go by feel more than the actual psi reading. Subsequent fills of other fat-bike and plus bike tires up to 25psi were likewise within 1 psi of the Meiser gauge.

Retail price of the Blackburn Chamber HV is $79.99 and you can learn more at

Frankly, we don’t fill a lot of higher psi tires here at fb.c HQ but if you need higher pressure for your bike tires check out the other new pumps in Blackburn’s Piston line.

We will continue to use the Chamber HV and will report more down the trail!

Blackburn provided the Chamber HV Floor Pump for evaluation and review but, as always, our review is unbiased by that fact!

If you choose to buy a Blackburn product from the Amazon link below you will be helping support as a we receive a small commission for the sale. The price you pay is not affected!

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