Fat (video) Tuesday – Beach Lumber(Brucing) Contest!


We’re entering show season and that means that we’ll be showing you pictures of things that might not be available at your local bike shop or even on the interwebz, for that matter. So we’re delighted to feature a video of Bruce (the coastkid’s) fat trailer. All you need to get a fat trailer, are above average bike tinkering skills and the link to Bruce’s Tutorial – This really isn’t news to the folks that follow Bruce’s Blog, but he made his modified BoB trailer to collect driftwood to split and burn. Instead of lumberjacking, may I be so bold, as to suggest we adopt the gnomenclature lumberbrucing?

Gnomenclature Sticker Contest!

Send us a photo or video of you or your posse doing something peculiar on your fat-bike along with a humorous (or not) caption and we’ll send you stickers. The top 3 entries will also receive ‘Get Lost’ merit badges. Send your entry via email to with Gnomenclature as the subject. Include your mailing address, so we can mail you out some sweet stickers or one of these bad boys. Contest ends 9/1/16



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  1. thub August 30, 2016 at 11:37 am #

    Righteous trailer Bruce! I could see that BoB hooked up to a Cogburn yarding out a moose.

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