GnomeFest to help rebuild Levis Chalet

13770348_1220150711352388_7873869804846297366_nProbably the most misunderstood aspect of this mountain bike festival, with the curious name, is its charitable nature. Behind all of the fun, this event and their counter-culture group of cyclists have helped support trail systems, all over Wisconsin. Over the past dozen years GnomeFest has channeled all of the proceeds from the event, directly to the various trail systems that have played host to the annual festival. This year GF’s fund raising efforts are focused on rebuilding the Levis Trail Center Chalet. The old chalet burned to the ground earlier this summer. I know that there are plans in the works to bring it back to its former glory along with improvements, like showers! The fundraising goal is 20K for the improvements.


If you’d like to help, register for GnomeFest and come and see what all of the hooplah is about. All of the proceeds from this year’s event will go towards the improvements to the new chalet. You’ll probably come away from the event with some new friends and memories that will fuel a passion for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on two wheels. If you’re too far away or busy that weekend, and you would still like to help, you can donate to the Levis Chalet Go Fund me page.

photo by Marty Larson
Derby – photo by Marty Larson

GnomeFest isn’t just for fat-bikes. Any kind of bike is welcome. The fest features a ‘meet and greet’ event at Sand Creek Brewing on Friday night. A night ride, kegger party and bonfire, round out Friday’s after dark schedule. Saturday is chocked full of activities, with a Women’s Ride, Derbies, the Dirt Cat, (which is an off-road, alley cat with crazy checkpoint challenges). There’s a chili and home brew contest and then after dark…..the craft beer pot-luck and Dwarfcycle Figure 8 Death races take place. Sunday is laid back with a big group ride that hits all of the incredible overlooks up on the mounds.

photo by Greg Smith
Spinner – photo by Greg Smith

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  1. so it turns out that i’m going to be camping with family that weekend about an hour away. i was planning on taking one of the days to drive over and ride Levis for the first time. since it would be a day trip, i would probably spend much of my day riding and not attending the other festivities. i think i’m going to register anyway to not only donate, but be counted so i have record that i was there.

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