The Weekly Dose of Fat – Sept. 30th, 2016

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It’s officially Autumn so let’s put summer in the rear view mirror and take a look at what’s new and exciting in the world of Omni-Terrain Cycling – aka the Weekly Dose of Fat. For the past five years, we’ve shared fat-bike news from around the web that eventually evolved into an online radio show / podcast that still happens now and then. The next show is the numerologically significant, triple aces, show number one hundred and eleven and will air on I-Tunes and right here next Friday. If you’re a fan of the show and have a suggestion for a potential guest, please send me an email and we’ll try to make it happen!

This week, we’ll try to fill you in on the latest reviews that we’re working on and share some plus & fat-bike news!


BBR/Test Pilot Dustin Carlson is about mid-way through his review of the Kona WoZo out in Utah.


GnomeFest 13 took place last weekend at the Levis Mound Trails. That’s Puck, drinking the beer and Dr. James T. Huber along with Butch and Sam-D up on the Clarence overlook (photo above). I’m entering the third trimester of the Blackjack Fate (the red bike above) review (now with the Wren Inverted Suspension Fork {also under review}). Next week I’ll be riding the Fate with a new set of Borealis Carbondale 27.5+ wheels and a pair of Vee Tire’s new B+ Crown Gem Knobbies. We have a flat bed trailer from Burley, in the test kitchen,  that the Spinner Ryerson will be reporting on very soon. Greg aka: Sven is testing some Showers Pass gear and we’re just starting a review of the Specialized Evo.


Where in the world are Sven and JK?

Speaking of Sven! He and JK rode in the Chris’ Slow Roll, a celebration of the cycling life of Chris Kegel, last weekend in MKE. JK’s testing some new whiskey he was tell’n me about, called Sluurrr. I know there’s more in the pipeline, but for brevity’s sake, I’ll spare your waning attention span and keep things moving along.

Global Fat-Bike Celebrations

Fat-bike Links

Gastaad Snow Bike Festival

Crested Butte is proposing over 46 miles of groomed trails to make a “Fat-bike paradise”

Jill Homer’s photo book, Into the North Wind: A thousand-mile bicycle adventure across frozen Alaska, will be available soon.

Realizing a Dream on the Lost Coast

Racing the high tide

What Bruce is packing for the Capital Trail event

Tom from Momentum Bikes in Platteville is Bullish on fat-bikes.

Fort McMurray wildlife researchers ditch ATVs for fat-bikes!

ATV ban? No problem. U of A biologists turn to fat-bikes for field work

How wide should my rims be for what and why?

Plus Bike Links

Enve offers 27.5+ carbon wheelset


New sticker packs are in the works, but until then we have a limited number of Yeti Von Wheelie stickers for the first 40 people that call 818-918-2453 and leave a message for Sven & Gomez. Please tell us your favorite thing about fat-biking and your address so we can mail you some beautiful stickerage. We’ll share the best messages on our Weekly Dose of Fat Show #111…..but we won’t share your address with anyone.

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