Product Spotlight – Framed Carbon Wheels – By Andy Amstutz

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Carbon fibers according to Google are a material consisting of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon, used as a strengthening material, especially in resins and ceramics.  Google says nothing about being a kick ass rim material for fat bikes.  I’ve been riding aluminum rims for years and jumped at the chance to test out some carbon fat bike rims.  So this is what’s between the fork blades and rear dropouts for hopefully several weeks.  




Framed sent me a pair of Framed Carbon rims laced up to DT Big Ride hubs.  They seated Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires on them and sent some Orange Seal sealant to seal them up tubeless.  A quick spoke measurement with the calipers revealed the standard 14/15 double butted set up.  






Here’s the ‘tails from Framed themselves


–  Rims are tubeless ready

–  80mm ext width, 73mm int width

–  584 grams per rim

–  Built to DT Swiss Big Ride hubs

–  Wheelset are hand assembled in the USA at our St. Paul, MN facility

–  2095 grams per wheel set.  975g front, 1120g rear.


Retail is $1099.95




Gotta admit, I’m pretty fired up to slap these bad boys on and finish up autumn riding.  Even more stoked to see how they fare come first snow.

For more information visit –


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  1. Hey, christmas is coming soon, any early feedback on how these wheels stack up? Love to know if what to ask Santa for!!

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