Weekly Dose of Fat – Noviembre once y dos mil y dieciséis



It’s been a pretty incredible autumn riding season here in Wisconsin. This week, I’ve been fortunate enough to get out and ride every day and the temps have been unusually warm! I see that our amigos in Alaska have snow already and we’re still riding in short sleeves, but that should change very soon. With the end of daylight savings time, I’ve gotten out for a couple of night rides, so it’s a good time to dig out your lighting system and get those batteries topped off for beer laps, bridge parties, bonfires and fat-bike funskis! On the subject of world wide fat-bike fun….have you found a GFBD ride near you or are you planning your own GFBD celebration? Check out the growing list of GFBD rides at the bottom of the page and if you know of a ride that should be added to the list, email the details to The rumor is that Fat-Bike Radio should be back on the air next week, for show #114 and we’ve got a live holiday special scheduled in MPLS at the beginning of December, in addition to, a January show at the decommissioned Zion Nuclear Plant with Musical Guest Smooth Evil. Sven and I have laid down the gauntlet and publicly challenge, mountain bike legends,  Gary Fisher and Keith Bontrager to a Tag Team Leg Wrestling Contest during that little extravaganza. Till then here’s the week’s dose of fat-bike news from around the web.

Chain Reaction Cycles in Anchorage have announced their winter race series dates! Check out for more details.


Fat-bike Links

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Global Fatbike Day Events

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  1. Wade November 11, 2016 at 9:32 am #

    Nice to see all the links to Global Fatbike Day events!

    Way to go Peeps!! 😀

  2. Tim November 12, 2016 at 7:49 pm #

    Daylight Saving Time of the singular variety.

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