Weekly Dose of Fat – Show #114 – Zito in the House! Global Fatbike Day Chatter

The Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 114 – Friday, November 18th, 2016


Cpl. J.D. MacFarlane RCMP on his Foes Mutz shredding leaves somewhere in Canada!

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On the Show This Week

  • We Start the show with the Event of the Week
  • We delve into beards and beer
  • Our In Studio Special Guest is the one and only Chris Zito
  • We talk to a few of the many Global Fat-bike Day Event Organizers in our call-in segment
  • We share Links from the interwebz
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report brought to by Becker Sewing and Design
  • And we talk to Brian Davis from Weatherneck about his improved Weatherneck System

The Fat Bike Event of the Week this week is Global Fat-bike Day – We take calls all show long!


Fatty Farm Field Report

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Movember Contest – Stickers – Lube – Gnomes

Send Fat-Bike Action photos and videos to uncle and everyone that includes their snail mail address, will receive some stickers. We’ll also hold a drawing of all of the folks that send us photos or videos to win an assortment of schwag. Put Movember in the subject line of your email and don’t forget to remember to include your address. We’ll draw the winner on New Years Day 2017. We’ll keep you up to date with prizes, but I know we have tires that we’ve tested that need new homes and I’m sure we’ll find some nice things to give out to 3 lucky winners.

Call in from Brian Davis – Check out Brian’s latest Kickstarter Project, the Weatherneck System at:


Don’t forget to send us your GFBD Plans so we can share them right here, every Friday, leading up to GFBD’s Eve!


Global Fatbike Day Events

This Year’s Fat Bike Summits

  • Thursday, Jan. 19 – Des Moines, IA
  • Friday, Jan. 20 and 21 – Northstar Resort, Truckee, CA Fat Bike Summit and Race
  • Friday, Feb. 17 and 18 – Ottawa, Canada Phat Moose Fat Bike Summit and Festival
  • Friday, Feb. 24 and 25 – Anchorage, AK Fat Bike Summit and Big Fat Ride

Fat-bike Links

Catching up with Bruce –

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3 Responses to Weekly Dose of Fat – Show #114 – Zito in the House! Global Fatbike Day Chatter

  1. Oldbear November 22, 2016 at 12:44 pm #

    Hey guys!
    Isn’t the Canadian comedian who played ‘Red Green’ real name Greg Smith? Enquiring mind want to know!!!😜
    I loved the show as usual.

  2. Jeff November 23, 2016 at 9:41 am #

    Hey Oldbear
    Near miss, “Red’s” real name is Steve Smith. (Or so they say??) Haha!
    Loved that show too and would love to go ride some trails around Red Green’s home base at Possum Lodge! :0)


    • Oldbear November 24, 2016 at 10:38 am #

      Beware this type of thing might go to Sven’s head. Soon he’ll be mentioning duck tape and secret weapons.
      Anyway Happy Thanksgiving from the Oldbear clan in the Missouri Ozarks.
      (That’s Oldbear [Fred] Mama Bear[Sue] and Cubby [sean])

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