First Look – 2017 Borealis Flume – by Dustin Carlson




Borealis is known for making top notch fat bikes. Their design and attention to detail is best in the business. We all know that the high end, carbon “Crestone” models are great, but Borealis also has the aluminum “Flume” line. The geometry is much the same between the two models, with the major difference being the price. So the question is, how does the aluminum version stack up?




The Flume I will be riding/reviewing is a large with a rigid carbon fork. It has great components for the MSRP of $3,049. Base price is $2,449 but the review bike also has a set of HED 80mm alloy rims.




My initial excitement over the bike is high. I’ve never ridden a Borealis but I have heard great things about the brand. Also, there are a lot of other options on this bike that I have never ridden before. 4.0” Husker Du tires front and rear for one. I want to see how fast these “skinny-fat” tires are in the packed snow on my local trails. Another first for me are the HED rims. All of my previous fat bikes have had stock, or factory rims, so I’m excited to see how the premium rims feel. The bike also has an Ergon seat that I have been wanting to try out for a while. So I’m lucky, in that I have a great looking bike waiting to shred in the garage, but also, I get to try out a couple premium accessories too!  One more plus, is that I have a Wren fork to throw on to see how it handles some rougher single track.  A truly in-depth review is coming your way!


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