Weekly Dose of Fat – 12-9-16



GFBD Point Beach, Wisconsin – photo by – Jarek Jaroslaw Jerry Ciosek


Howdy, y’all! Sven here, out on a gig in Las Vegas awaiting the delivery of my bike from the home front that got shipped via Bikeflights on Monday. Should be there today! Whoo, hooo! I’ve used Bikeflights many times and have always been happy with the service. If you have to send a bike somewhere I heartily endorse Bikeflights hard core! Check them out at

So, President Obama on Thursday signed HR 4665, the Outdoor REC Act. The law instructs the Department of Commerce and federal land management agencies to provide statistics on how the outdoor industry, including bicycling, contributes to the U.S. economy. Sooo… fellow fat-bikers, get out and ride! Let the US economy grow through you participation in our favorite pastime! Support local shops, have a beer at the pub, eat a good meal at your local restaurant and all those good things, baby!

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