Qloom Winter Apparel Review by K8


Winter riding just got a little sweeter while dressed in Qloom’s Cayley Pant and Jacket. It’s as if someone who really knew their shiznitz from cycling, sailing and skiing and put it all together in one product line… oh wait they did !  Success ! Its sealed nice and sweet so the elements stay out, yet it breaths and is comfortable.

qloom-winter-apparel-12-of-1-6Back in the day, there wasn’t anything for winter cycling. I wore some old HH fleece lined bibs and a few layers from my snowboarding or xc ski bags. This mostly ended with shedding layers, chafing and always compromising the ride. Well forget that, Qloom has it all wrapped into one. You don’t have to think that hard anymore about what to wear, just get out and ride without the compromises !

Lets start shall we, the Cayley Pant & Jacket. The fit is amazing, size is true to regular clothing, and very sharp looking.  First and foremost, I tested the pant fat biking in the woods and during hunting season, the coloring is very easy to spot. This alleviated additional thinking on my part. As commuter pant, the color is a very smart choice also. The adjustable wait is comfortable, simple and unlike many other pants I own, the Velcro holds well. The v-shaped rear stitching is exactly how a riding pant should be, it keeps the inseam parallel with the center of the saddle allowing the pant not to twist with every effort climbing or popping a log. There are two rear vent zippers on each leg panel which quickly can allow ample air in with ease while riding. There is also a right front pocket to the pant, quick and easy to access, just like Gomez. The bib top of the pant is by far the most genius idea. Fits great, adds comfort and warmth and built right into the pant. SMART ! No drafts, no snow, no problem…except for bathroom breaks ladies. But what I did discover is when needing a pit stop you can unzip the bib top from the pant bottom instead of taking all our clothes off trail side. SMARTER !


The boot cuffing technology influenced from a sailors delight is great.  The pant leg fits over the top of about any shoe. The way the fabric will fold based on the shoe makes it universal. Adding the velcro strap closure technique of folding the fabric, you are guaranteed nothing is getting in there.  The velcro also keeps your pants from getting shredded or sucked in, if you know what I mean ! We’ve all ruined a pair or two haven’t we?

Now for the Cayley jacket… this jacket combines comfort, warmth, durability and high fashion. Sorry to say but looking like a hobo when riding is over. Wind stop has never looked so hot ! This jacket is designed to ride. I loved the asymmetrical zipper & cut of this jacket. No more cutting the underside of my chin with a cold, wet zipper. A huge improvement over other riding jackets is a 360 design. It rides like a jacket should.  Fat biking requires a bit more upper body movement and this jacket moves freely, without letting drafts in. qloom-winter-apparel-12-of-1-411Look closely at the neck pre shaped neoprene collar and cuffs. They make a huge difference in this coat compared to others on the market. I was nice and warm wearing the same base layer on a 6 degree to 24 degree day. Having the bib top underneath requires less base layers keeping you toasty without friction also. The jacket is vented and they are easy to reach. I’d like to add that all of the zippers move nice and cleanly without coming off track or sucking any of the fabric in. The jacket features an adjustable drop tail so no fender, no problem. There is also rear pocket with plenty of storage.


The 5 Finger Warm Glove is a sweet little ditty. It has a windproof exterior and fleece interior keeping the hands toasty without a lot of bulk.  I found that on the 6 degree day, these were a little shy of keeping my hands nice and toasty but I do like the pig leather palm and silicone finger. It allows for very little slippage on the grips. Another really nice feature is the long cuff. It prevents snow, wind and water from entering your coat or gloves.

Huge pro, all of these products dry very quickly. I was impressed by the fabrics and how I could wear them back to back without feeling damp or stinky. A great feature of the bib top on the Cayley pant is being able to remove it with the zip on/off feature and toss it in the dryer and heat it up or dry it out instantly.  In a combined effort it wicks moisture well and doesn’t retain odor at all.


All in all I give the Qloom lineup a 10. The Cayley pant and jacket are a must have for not only a fat biker but also many other silent sport enthusiasts. As a final test, I did a combination day where I fat biked to the cross country ski trail and all I had to do was change from riding boots to ski boots. The Cayley pant and jacket are very diverse for all styles of cycling, running and skiing in my book.  Bravo Qloom, Im impressed. I will be sporting your Cayley jacket and pants in luxury at the Fat Bike Birkie in March.  No matter the conditions I know they have me covered.

Me: 5’4, 127, curvy

Shoe size 8.5

Sizes Tested: Small coat and pant, small glove.


Pant  –

Jacket –

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