The Weekly Dose of Fat – Show #118 – Fatter by the Lake – 1/8/2017

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Show #118 was recorded in front of a live audience at Zion Cyclery’s Fatter by the Lake 5 group beach ride. Gomez is joined by JK Livin along with Chris Daisy and Evan Larsson along with our old fried Dave Krueger.


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The Fat Bike Event of the Week this week is The Brewery Vivant Farmhand Fat Bike Race 2017


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The weekly dose of fat is proud to announce that Happy Bottom Bum Butter is the official gooch butter of Fat-Bike Radio!  Happy Bottom is a 100% natural and the brain child of Charlie the Bike Monger. We’ve tried many different brands of chammy cream, however Charlie’s might just be the smoothest, longest lasting, all vegan, grundle ointment that we’ve never tried.

SPECIAL GUEST – Race talk with David Swanson.  

The Fatty Farm Field Report

Beach Riding Discussion

Questions from the Audience

Levis Raffle Project Bike 

The Start of Something Special to Help Rebuild the Levis Chalet
The Start of Something Special to Help Rebuild the Levis Chalet

Top 10 Things to do with your old indoor trainer

10) Give it to a roadie – (along with all of your lycra)

9) Trainers make excellent boat anchors

8) Bust out the cutting torch and make a grooming implement.

7) Turn the tubes into a really heavy duty wind chime or abstract art.

6) Wrap it up and give it as a gift to an ex boy/girl friend, ex-wife, mother/father in-law

5) Box it up and send it back to the manufacturer with an invoice for the pain and suffering that their instrument of torture has inflicted upon you and your loved ones.

4) Use the trainer in a rube goldberg – pedal powered contraption that makes rotisserie Chicken

3) Hook it up to a glow worm… which could open up a portal to an alternate universe where dolphins give blow hole to blowhole resuscitation

2) Invent the pedal powered time machine

1) Recycle that hunk of scrap!

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Let’s Go Ride Bikes!

Till then?

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  1. Speaking of toasting dead things at the dead river, how about that breakdancing frog!

    Great show gentleman.

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