The Weekly Dose of Fat Show #119 – January 20th 2017 – The Lark Show

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Tio Gomez is joined by Evan and Crazy Chris Daisy, along with Dave Krueger at the Cloud Factory Studio in the celebrity hot tub version of the Weekly Dose of Fat

The Weekly Dose of Fat is brought to you the Surly Big Fat Dummy. Learn more about bikes, parts and chaos at surly Bikes dot com.

FACEBOOK LIVE – (we promise that we’ll get better at this)

We Unbox the Park TS-4 Professional Truing Stand built to take on the fattest of the fat.


-Both uprights move simultaneously to always keep wheel centered in the stand.

-Accommodates axle widths from 75mm to 215mm

-Direct action caliper arm adjusts to work with wheel sizes from 16″ to 29″+

-Accommodates tire widths up to 5″ with or without brake rotor mounted

-Machined, welded, assembled and calibrated in our factory in St. Paul, MN

-Precise accuracy, operation and adjustability

-Built in thru-axle adaptors

-Chrome plated and powder coated heavy gauge steel construction

-Removable, replaceable nylon caliper tips to protect painted/anodized rims

-Dial Indicator compatible (TS-2Di)

-Rotor gauge compatible (DT-3 & DT-3i.2)



Abita Bourbon Street Chocolate Stout –

Beer Advocate – Awaiting 10 more reviews, Dave – 91 –

Beards and Beer is brought to you by the old familiar comb company.  A good comb, is a well groomed gentlemen’s best friend.




Our special segment this evening is brought to you by The official crease grease of Fat-bike radio — Happy Bottom Bum Butter, invented and laboratory tested by our cousin over there in Jolly Old England – Charlie the Bike Monger.

The Great Radio Bell Shootout

(L-R) Timber – Spur Cycle – Oi

Introducing in this corner – the champion of Kickstarter bells the sleek and stylish Oi Bell from Knog — and in the middle corner a bell with a marathon ring, made in these united states of america – the Spur Cycle Bell  — and on the left corner is a bell with a totally different pholosophy from the asian sub continent – ringing out of Encinatas California – the Timber Mountain Bike Bell



Jeff Price is over in Switzerland covering The Snow Bike Festival. The Snow Bike Festival is the biggest fat-bike race in Europe. He’s taken over our Instagram and he’ll be bringing the races into our lives during all 4 stages of the elite competition from the Swiss Alps, all weekend long! Click below and follow us on Instagram @fatbikedotcom

Why so many races and so few group rides? Who are you gonna ask to go to Fat-Bike Prom?

PS – We ask what was your first fat-bike?

Our show this evening has been brought to you by the Bikes, Parts & Chaos of Surly Bikes – Learn more at

Come and ride with us at Shelltrack on Saturday!

Click the flyer to go to the event page

Till then?

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  1. My go to bell is the “Awareness Bell “. I saw it a few years back in Mt Bike Action. Beautiful and functional. So good I now have two.

    • Have to agree. I have the Awareness, Spur Cycle, and Timber bells.

      The Awareness bell is way better than the Timber bell for trail riding. The switch on my Timber bell wore out after a few months of use and got replaced under warranty.

      The Spur Cycle bell is nice too, but better for paved paths and commuting. When I ring it at elderly people on the trail they always stop and look ever where except at me because they think it is a bird. Go figure.

  2. I’m a total fan of the Timber bell.

    Had the original version (band on) but now gave fitted the bolt on version to both my Pugsley and my Karate Monkey Ops.

    Highly recommended.

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